Mean Joe Green #12: White House Completes a Realistic Climate Change Report 4 years late!

  • Published on May 30th, 2008

The New York Times had a brief and POOR-ly titled article on the White House’s recent (and surprisingly factual) report on climate change.
The article’s title “White House: Poor Face Health Risks From Warming” may cause a reader to dismiss the article, and thus the report, in a “phew-atleast-I-don’t-face-health-risks” manner. In fact, the 271 page report forecasts coming severe weather, water shortages, heat waves and a whole slew of bad tidings for the entire world and all who dwell in, on, and over it (not just the poor). It’s a shame the report took so long–but I think it should be required reading for every american.
If only to search for Bush’s many spelling and grammar errors…

Bush Climate Change Report cartoon

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