700 California Wildfires: Why Don’t We Have Enough Firefighing Resources?

  • Published on June 25th, 2008

Almost three years ago, Americans watched in horror as this country failed to provide adequate disaster relief resources during Hurricane Katrina. Currently, the scenario is being repeated in California, where an estimated 600 to 900 lightning sparked wildfires are burning. Many of these fires began last Friday afternoon (6/20/08); many of these fires remain unmanned. As someone personally surrounded by over 80 fires in a 10 mile radius of my home, I am pissed, frightened, anxious, and depressed.

On Saturday, I called 911 twice to report seven fires, six of which only appeared on a map yesterday! I called CalFire, the United States Forest Service (two ranger districts), the Humboldt County Sheriff Department, the Trinity County Sheriff Department, and our local volunteer fire department. I wanted to know what road I could take out of our valley if I needed to escape the firestorm. The response, “Ma’am, there are fires everywhere. We don’t know where they are or what roads are open.” I felt trapped, and we began putting dozer lines around our meadow, hooking up more sprinklers, and connecting fire hoses to the pump in our pond.

Friends of ours in Mendocino were told by CDF, “We have so many fires, you are on your own.” YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Five days later, there has still not been any agency to help with their fire; however, the BLM showed up to tell them to stop using private bulldozers to put fire lines in around the blaze on public land. They didn’t listen and protected their homes on their own.

We’ve been through fire before, but never of this magnitude. There is no doubt that local agencies are doing the best they can with limited resources. The Firefighter Blog explains:

The State of California is in the midst of the worst wildfire crisis in modern state history. More than 900 wildland fires are burning, many unstaffed. Incident commanders are making do with skeleton crews in most cases.

Of course, the priority for resources has been homes and life, and I commend the job the firefighters are doing, but why did it take our governor three days to declare a state of emergency from the fires? Does he not work on the weekends during a natural disaster? Why do we have skeleton crews? The most apparent lack of support is air support. We are lucky if one plane or helicopter shows up for an hour to fight one fire out of 80 in our smoldering community.

The Bush administration has left this country’s infrastructure to deal with natural disasters in shambles. National Guard troops and resources are in Iraq, and local agencies are underfunded. Increased wildfires have been predicted as a result of global warming; this should not have hit us out of the blue. If we can’t handle natural disasters on our own, we need to ask other countries for help. We often send assistance to other countries during times of need. It’s time to swallow our patriotic pride and admit we can’t fight the magnitude of these fires on our own. We let immigrants earn citizenship by fighting in our wars; why not let them earn citizenship for fighting wildfires?

Locals are trying to make noise to get anyone’s attention: We are in DESPERATE need of help! We have been contacting our county board of supervisors, who have been trying their best to get us resources. We have called the governor, Boxer, Feinstein, Berg, etc. We receive compassionate responses to our pleas for help, but the answer is always the same: We don’t have any resources to send your way. Here is what one impassioned citizen wrote:

We appreciate your efforts in the past week to try and obtain the needed resources to fight the fires in Trinity County. However after five days, there are still few if any resources on any of the eighteen or so fires threatening our home and business, and the homes of our eight to ten other neighbors. All told there are about ten houses, one commercial building, our winery, numerous barns and outbuildings( probably about 25 ) and historic ranches that are being threatened. After we called 911 on Friday afternoon, a spotter plane flew over Friday night, but since then no planes or helicopters have worked on any of the eighteen fires near us…So far the weather has been ok so the fires have not spread too badly, but we need resources at some point to fight these fires, or they will eventually reach our homes and businesses, our lives that we have built over the past twenty years and longer. We are trying our best to be patient, but it is difficult. While we were watching the fires burn last night from our deck, we realized there is at least one that is not on the map and does not have a name…We are doing what we can to remain safe, keep our place green, build defensible barriers, and would like to remain here as long as we can to keep our place safe, especially since so far very little help appears to be on the way. Help is getting closer, which is a good start, but I wish it could get even closer. The fire camps are quite large, I hope they can spare some bodies out our way, and any air support would really help both the fires and our spirits. More resources are needed or the situation in Northern California could turn into another Hurricane Katrina type situation when the government took too long to take care of its citizens.

Local citizens have stepped up to the plate to keep each other informed and squelch wild rumors. What few firefighters have arrived have needed locals to help them find roads and locate fires on the map. Email has been utilized to keep the community informed; however, power was turned off to our town two days ago because of fire near the poles. Maps finally showed up yesterday at the store, and tomorrow there will be a community meeting. The information aspect of the fires is improving, as our local volunteer fire chief explained, “I don’t feel like a mushroom anymore, kept in the dark and fed s**t.” Despite local information efforts, websites reporting incident news are unreliable. This occurs every fire season, when the server for InciWeb can’t handle the demand. Firefighters and families rely on InciWeb for updated information, why can’t the government upgrade the server?

We are lucky the thunderstorms occurred early in fire season, when much of the foliage is still green. These fires are moving slowly, for the most part, which has been a blessing, as agencies scramble for very limited resources. The weather has mostly cooperated with cooler temperatures and light winds, but more thunderstorms are predicted for this weekend.

Image: Redding.com

About the Author

Jennifer lives on 160 acres off-the-grid in a home built with her own two hands (and several more skilled pairs of hands) from forest fire salvaged timber. Her home is powered by a micro-hydro turbine, and she has been a vegetarian for 21 years. Jennifer graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in art education and has been teaching art to children for over 16 years. She also spent five years teaching in a one-room schoolhouse before becoming the mother of two beautiful children. Jennifer has a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently teaching preschool, as well as k-8 art. She enjoys writing, gardening, hiking, practicing yoga, and raising four akitas. Jennifer is the founder and editor of Eco Child's Play (http://ecochildsplay.com) "I’ve always been concerned about the earth and our impact upon it. Now that I have children, I feel compelled to raise them with green values. From organic gardening to alternative energy, my family tries to leave a small carbon footprint." Please visit my other blog: http://reallynatural.com
  • Sadly, as a family that lives within one mile of last year's Angora Fire in South Lake Tahoe we can totally relate to what you're saying–and a lot more. The bureaucracy has gotten to the point where it endangers lives. When Schwarzenneger visited last year and some of these very points were raised with him he said, "Now is not the time for finger-pointing." I have a detailed post at http://shiningcityuponahill.blogspot.com/2007/07/

    We ARE on our own.

  • As a family that lives within one mile of last year's Angora Fire in South Lake Tahoe we can totally relate to everything you're saying–and more. The point I've been making for a long time is that our bureaucracy endangers lives. I have a detailed post at http://shiningcityuponahill.blogspot.com/2007/07/

    Believe me, the bureaucracy has become dangerous.

  • I really appreciate the concerns and emotional support from our readers. The two main highways out of here eastbound are closed Here’s an update on one complex of many:

    Location: 5 miles south of Hyampom and 14 miles west of Hayfork, California

    Date and Time of Fire Start: June 20, 2008 at 5:00 p.m.

    Cause: Lightning

    Estimated Fire Size: 11,200 Acres Estimated Fire Containment: 10%

    Estimated Expected Containment: TBD

    Committed Resources: 803 total personnel including 22 Crews, 6 Helicopters, 33 Engines, 16 Dozers, 19 Water Tenders, and fire support personnel.

    Current Fire Situation: Yesterday, firefighters continued to make significant progress constructing fire line on the Slide, Telephone, and Noble fires and completed a line around the Oak fire. In addition, fire crews took action to contain the Fisher fire. Power was restored to the residents north of Hyampom.

    Last night, fire activity picked up in many areas of the complex. The most noteworthy areas included the Lime group of fires, Telephone fires near Wildwood, and the Noble Fire near the community of Platina, which was evacuated early this morning. Line construction continues to be successful around the Slide Fire and the Miners Group. Fire activity is expected to increase today due to changes in the weather.

    Planned Actions: Today, firefighters will continue to hold and construct fire line, provide structure protection, and engage in initial attack if new fires are located. Today’s priority fires include Telephone, Noble, Lime, Deadshot, Slide, and Miners fires. Crews will scout fires in the Yolla Bolly wilderness area using horseback packers.

    Remarks: This morning, California Interagency Incident Management Team 4 took command for the entire Lime Complex. The public is advised that heavy smoke may occur when traveling through fire areas.

    Evacuations and Closures: The Shasta County Sheriff’s Department evacuated residents of Platina and the Russian Orthodox Monastery. The Trinity County Sheriff’s Department issued a precautionary evacuation notification to residents of Wildwood.

    Highway 36 has been closed on the west at the intersection of Highway 3 to the east at the intersection of Wildwood Road (County Route 302).

  • Jesse B. I live off-the-grid, so my power has not been turned off intermittently like the rest of my community. 4 years ago, my land burned in a fire started by PGE. Fire is not new to me, and yes, I chose to live here despite the risk. I am not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. But I think what so many people are not getting is the enormity of the current crisis. This is not a normal fire season. The people on the ground, whether CDF or the Forest Service, fighting this are doing the best job they can, often working 72 hours straight. They need help. I am for fuel reduction which doesn't equate with logging. The fuels that burn first are the brushes, and we have cleared a 500ft clearance of brush around our meadow and driveway as a precaution years ago. Brush reduction is what needs to be done, so that fires burn slowly and don't crown in trees. Those are the kind of fires that used to occur naturally.

  • You can always tell the idiots who don't live in rural forest areas. There is little you can do to stop a real forest fire, but have trained fire fighters on hand. It's not whining about having no one answer your calls or know where the fire is or send anyone. We all pay lots of taxes for fire and police….they should show…but far Northern Ca. has always been the step child of Southern Ca….so the resources all go south, like the water.

  • Jeff Burdick

    Where's the help? Well, the California National Guard, which is usually on the front lines at times like this, is serving George Bush in Iraq. The personnel, their considerable expertise, their tractors, and their helicopters are there. We're paying for his war in yet another way.

  • anon


    Dident mean to sound like an ass. you have to admit its the middle of nowhere. having said that,…

    i really do hope that above all no one gets hurt. do you have a good escape plan? its good your community has banded together and i wish you all the very best of luck out there.

    I respect you guys alot for staying on top of the situation and informing others and most importantly working collectively to minimize any potential damage.

    if nothing else i never would have known it was so bad out there. thanks for posting.

  • Rob, the water is being taken from where I live to support those areas you speak of…75% of the water is diverted from our main river to the central valley to grow the food you eat. I live in an area of exported water. Not sure where you would have me move that at some point I would not need assistance from a public agency, whether it is a fire, police, ambulance, etc.

  • Rocket

    I guess some of these posters don't have much experience with forest fires. They kept us on the move in southern California in October. You can make your home fire safe which is wise and all but when a fire line (or many in this case) is moving your way you run away, not stand there with a water hose. Its like bringing a tooth pick to a sword fight. Fortunately the weather is cooperating a little for you guys at this point.

    Good luck to you all up there. I'm sure we'll be seeing some stuff our way soon, temperatures are on the rise.

  • I love it when your backyard is burning up how everyone turns into a professional firefighter, and now you're going to solve the immigration problem too, where the heck have you been for the last 50 years?

    I'm sorry about your situation, but I'm sure you weren't helping the relief efforts with the hundreds of other communities that have burned up in the last 5 years all over California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, etc. It's different when it hits close to home.

    Fire is a natural part of the forest ecosystem lady, your house isn't. I wonder what your opinion is on proactive fuel reduction aka "logging" is.

    It can't be too bad if you still have power and an internet connection to write this column.

  • Marilyn Davis

    I'm sorry that people are saying such mean things about this.

    Here in Mountain View, the sky has been hazy for days with all the fires.

    If it's a global warming problem, and I don't doubt it, the underlying problem is overpopulation. This can only be solved by encouraging birth control.

    And the problem is lack of real democracy. Decisions are made with special interests in mind. This can only be solved by restructuring our government to be online.

    Good luck. I plan to visit the mountains near Mendocino in August. I hope they are enough in tact that we can go.

  • Rob

    I didn't build in a flood plain but if I did I wouldn't want sympathy from you.

    I don't really care if your house burns down, you chose to live in an area that has had imported water for fifty years and now you wonder why it burns.

    If your point was to show that the "States Right" conservative movement has done horrible things for the people of the United States, don't forget Clinton and the Democrats had as much to do with it as did the Bushes.

    It is true they stopped funding state programs, stopped giving block grants for everything from road maintenance to education and without lowering income taxes for the middle class have made the states rely on property and income taxes to make up the shortfall.

    So if you want me to feel bad about your view, your property values or you pets then you should move. If you want me to feel bad about the failures of our so called democracy, I already do.

  • anon

    sorry to echo but i have to agree, why are you living as far from emergency services as possible then requesting emergency services when something bad happens.

    What if i lived in Alaska and had massive snow fall. wouldn't i look the fool for screaming for help at the last minute? what the hell would i be doing way out there in the first place?

    You moved there to be self sufficient, well,….

    BTW i live on an active volcano and i do realize the consequences. insurance has its purpose.

  • Zac

    Robert- You are obviously a fu**ing low life loser. I love how you tell these people to "take personal responsibility." What are they supposed to do, any suggestions? God forbid they expect the government which they pay taxes to, to help out in the middle of a MAJOR crisis. I doubt your even a right wind nut, probably just unhappy with how your life has materialized because you have wasted all of your productive energy being a doushbag. So Keep your comments to yourself!

  • Ric

    Any of you chumps that like to talk big about these whiners that need to move, ever been in a forest fire? Have you ever had to help people flee? Have you ever gone back to a hole in the ground that was you home? Until you have you need to shut the fuck up.

  • Anne Noise

    The ignorance in the comments is astounding.

    As a California resident (Livermore, CA) I'm plenty freaked about the prospect of where we're going. I can barely see out my window, and there's not even a fire around here.

  • Tim

    Hmmm, maybe because your state is broke, financially, and no one wants to pay more taxes?

    Don't get me wrong, I feel for ya, I really do, but when you don't want to pay for services, sooner or later those services go away.

    Good job on the DIY for protection also. Hopefully BLM won't start acting like a bunch of punks after this is all over.

  • Bindhi


    If you can't afford your own wildfire suppression system and/or are too incompetent to clear the CDF recommended perimeter, you WILL burn eventually.

    During the San Diego and Tahoe fires, there were some homes left standing amidst the ruins. The fire crews didn't save those homes, the volunteer brigades didn't save them…no, the only thing that saved those home were the smart homeowners who did one or more of the aforementioned things in advance.

    This is what mrsleep meant by "take action" (in times of peace prepare for war, etc.)

  • Patricia Rice

    Yes we do live in a forest and yes we do have fires but this lightening storm is nothing like anyof us have ever seen. We arenot alowed to fight fire on National Forest land and will be arrested if we attempt to do so. The National could request extra crews from Canada as we have often sent crews there but are not as of 11:00 am today doing so. I have had to leave my home but I did leave the fire hoses going after spending the last 4 days doing more fules reduction and re directing the fire hoses. Thre are no crews on the fires that threaten my home. I expect to lose it. I took some letters and photos my one good ring and some artwork.We are not a high priority. I have been a RN long enough to know that as far as tirage re saving areas Trinity County is far down on the list. My grandsons who live in Canada want to come and help. They have often worked with California crews who came there.But so far America has refused to send any orders to Winnepeg for help with the fire.

    Trinity County and Ward 9 have more in common than I ever thought possible.

    I am safe and have abandonded my home and most all of my possessions and have taken refuge with friends out of the smoke. There are more lightening storms predicted and still no call from help from our Northern neighbors who told me they are ready willing and waiting for the call to come to our aid!

    Why won't we ask for help when we need it?

    Who wants their budget to look good?

    It won't be my insurance company …but some buracrat in Bosie who won't push the fed in DC woh won't think he will get any where saving my log home in sparsely populated Trinity County.

    And where is the terminator here?

    Another member of the out to lunch bunch!

    Too bad we can't really defend America from the true threats we don't have to lie about. No now the lies are about how minimal the threat truly is!



  • sigh

    Saw this through Digg. Jennifer, thank you for being one of the first to be brave enough to bring up the truth about the situation.

  • Ryan

    To respond to K, the reason most of us whine is that the services used to be better. They have degraded now. We are paying for the services through our taxes but because of the war in Iraq, money is being diverted there away from other services of the government. We aren't asking for new services, only to maintain what has always been there. Bush even sent our National Guard resources to Iraq, resources that could very well have been used to fight these fires or to help out with the floods in the mid-west. But instead, they are stuck in the sand in a land that never attacked us.

  • Jonas

    How could anyone be surprised by this latest disaster? Incompetent government and global warming are nothing new. I'm sorry to everyone who lives in wildfire country, as well as those who are currently flooded in the Midwest, but we've pretty much brought all of this on ourselves. And it's only going to get worse.

  • There is a storm warning for this weekend (28th and 29th) for bad thunderstorms I believe. Seems like this is just the beginning.

  • donutboy

    Fires are natural! your house being in the way is not.

  • M Yaddoshi

    As a New Orleans survivor of Katrina, I can tell you with utter certainty that it will not get any better. Operate as if you are on your own (at least the fire department was able to tell your friends that they were on their own, instead of letting them guess for themselves), and be pleasantly surprised if FEMA and other organizations actually show up to help. If I was informed correctly Red Cross was not permitted to set up food and health-care tents in New Orleans until sometime in October, well over a month after the hurricane struck land. And FEMA…well…don't get me started on FEMA.

    Regardless, I concur that it is completely outrageous that the US is borrowing trillions of dollars only to spend it in a foreign country and yet our government completely unable to help communities within our own country during a natural disaster. Anyone who thinks that this is okay, or that it is the fault of the victims – well, you might want to consider removing you head from your rectal cavity. Otherwise it might come as shock to you when you are also told, "You are on your own".

  • JackMeOff

    Here's a tip:

    Don't live somewhere prone to fires, jackass!

    This is like someone with a beach condo crying that they feel scared during a hurricane.

    No shit sherlock!

  • John Strebler

    The fire fighting agencies have been asking homeowners for years to clear the brush and trees around their houses to create a buffer zone.

    Of course, all the homeowners complied with this request. Just kidding – almost all the homeowners want to have their houses surrounded by trees at a close distance.

    Guess what happens when a fire occurs.

  • John thoams

    We dont have enough resources because our moron dictator President is more concerned with Global Domination than he is about matters right here at home!


  • k

    i understand the fear and anxiety 100%.

    BUT i think we are getting a bit selfish here in america

    demanding perfection.

    we live in a pretty damn good country

    where there are services for EVERYTHING under the sun

    most countries have NO public services whatsover

    and once in awhile, our own people cant DO IT ALL

    and we just rant about it??


  • Paul, I completely agree that fire suppression has resulted in a high fuel volume, and that low burns do create a healthier, safer forest. The sheer number of fires in CA currently means that these fires can't be adequately monitored to make sure they stay as low burning fires and don't crown into tree tops. When a fire can be adequately staffed and helicopters available to help, then letting the fires burn and performing back burning works without risking life and property. In some cases, you are right there is nothing that can be done in a strong fire storm. The fire that burned on my property 4 years ago raged over 8 miles in less the two hours. The firefighters had to cut their lines and run, but then they returned. At the time, the Native American crew at our house was going to use the foam on the building if need be, but we have a very defensible space. So far, we have been lucky and aren't facing that kind of fire, but things are expected to change.

  • Forgot to mention, our county health dept. dropped off supplies to our community, including a large bag full of lubricated, multi-flavored condoms.

  • Jeff Gillette

    Great Post! Please keep us informed as you are able. The situation is truly out of control. Information as you well know is sparse at best. The response has been extremely Katrina-like! Pathetic at best, like some of the earlier posts here. Good luck.

  • Northern California had something like 575 fires in all of 2007, whereas 800 fires began in a 24 hour period on the weekend of June 21-22. For all practical purposes, it *is* August in California: the state has had the driest spring since record keeping began in 1850. Regarding National Guard assistance, C130s equipped with MAFFS have been deployed from Colorado, Wyoming, and North Carolina. National Guard firefighting aid is called in when local authorities have exhausted their resources. 800 fires would do it. Keep in mind that mobilizing resources for any disaster takes up to 72 hours; for that period, expect to be on your own.

  • I went through a fire in 2003 and know what you are going through (though we had more resources and a wonderful local radio station.)

    This current situation is a horrible disaster. You have a perfect right to be concerned and frustrated. Shakespeare once wrote,

    Patience unmoved! no marvel though she pause;

    They can be meek that have no other cause.

    A wretched soul, bruised with adversity,

    We bid be quiet when we hear it cry;

    But were we burdened with like weight of pain,

    As much or more would we ourselves complain…

    People who show so little empathy as the ones above are often those who wail the most themselves over nothing.

    I hope you get help and will be reading this site to keep up.

  • Ross


    Did it ever occur to you that the government can't be everywhere at once. Did you know the National Guard is also volunteer part timers, and that they have to be gathered and organized and that takes time? Do you realize that the politicians in New Orleans and Louisiana had no plans and did very little, and neither did their cops, who in fact not only hid out, but looted?

    I know it's an election year. but you left-wingers need to stop getting political in everything you write. No, George Bush didn't start the fires, he didn't flood New Orleans, and he can't send help everywhere at once. You lefties have to start doing something for yourself and stop relying on the government to spoon-feed you.

  • Rick

    Government has a role in our lives. Not what many want, but it can do what cannot be done otherwise. It is why we have fire departments, volunteer of otherwise.

    The current lightning fires are a disaster and require governmental intervention. Shall we all take our cats and start pushing over trees and building fire lines where ever we want? There needs to be not only organization, but authority. We all agree that we need fire departments and that includes protection against wildfires. We all will breathe the smoke for a long time if the government does not get with it.

    It is early in the season and many resources must be available in other states further east. They ought to have been requested long ago. And, yes, we own the national forests and they are on fire.

    I am tired of listening to right wing conservatives who only care about their own money. I am also tired of listening to left wingers who don't want any trees cut and all roads ripped out of our forests. Let's keep the sad politics out of this. Help is needed yesterday.

  • Rick

    If this was August, all of California would be charred.

  • anon

    oh look, my view of the forest is on fire.

  • Some of the reactions are strange, Jennifer. It is sad that for those people the response to every situation is some rote memorized line such as "take personal responsibility". As you said, if they had a tornado or major flood in their area, they would want help.

    As far as funding: the so-called conservatives currently in Washington DC intentionally starve the federal government to allow corporate (fascist) control. Only the army is fully funded. What kind of a country would it be if they got their way! Let the fires burn, that is the motto – at least our men and women in uniform will have their weapons and health care. Oh, wait, scratch that….

  • I can't believe the some of the hateful, racist comments posted here.

    Might be nice to have our National Guard and their equipment back here in the States doing what they are supposed to be doing instead of being quagmired in a useless, senseless occupation.

  • Bernard R.

    When we are sending billions of dollars to fight the war in Iraq but can't get a few helicopters and air support when nearly the entire state is burning you know the country is being run by a bunch of idiots.

  • Dick, our local fire department is run by volunteers. We send in donations, as well as have provided crab for crab feed fundraisers. The other agencies are entirely state or federal. These are the agencies that are underfunded and understaffed to deal with the enormity of the firestorm. Perhaps local wasn't the best description, but they are staffed by local people, so we hear the complaints as local. Our home meets all the recommended guidelines for fire defensibility, and it has been inspected by our home owners insurance for that purpose as well.

  • JA Carlile

    Mr. Mcsleep, you are obviously the kind of idiot that yells out "love it or leave it" when anybody makes a complaint about their country, government, local officials, etc! Should earthquake, flood, hurricane, fire, or an accident occurs where you need an ambulance (and one doesn't materialize) or any other disaster occurs, don't whine to anybody on this blog, cuz I'm for one will tell you to take your own advice and ho ho, "Take Action" whatever in the hell that means! Fool!

  • We are not waiting for someone to "fix our problems" When a natural disaster hits your area (and no one is immune from fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc), I think you would change your tune. . If you read the post, you would see that we are fighting these things with little help. We have put in dozer lines around our house and our neighbors. We jumped on the Bennett Peak fire before crews showed up and started the fire line. We went and helped friends at their places. This is more than we can handle alone. WE NEED AIR SUPPORT! We have 6 helicopters assigned to 70 fires.

  • Dick Mangan

    Jennifer Lance is "pissed" because there are not enough wildland firefighters to put out the fires in her area. Blames Bush, and says that "local agencies are underfunded." Surprise: local agencies are supposed to equal local funding. Did you and your neighbors vote more $$ for your local fire agencies? And how about personal responsibility, like following the well-publicized "FireWise" guidelines for protecting structures and poroerty from wildfires? The fire season has months to go: get busy and make your place fire safe. Wildfires are just another force of nature like hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes that man cannot overcome, in spite of the injection of local,State and Federal resources and politicians.

  • Don't listen to those who would have you leave. And I think that you don't in the first place, but I had to type it anyway.

    Folks who live in some rural areas (like Trinity, etal) don't have the same expectations as those that live in Tahoe and above L.A. Those places are truly intrusions. Trinity (etal) residents are more in tune with their surroundings and living from and even off the land.

  • Paul

    Just gives California somethingelse to cry about and ask for new stupid laws. Hey heres an idea put a rake and shovel in some of your illegals hands. Theres some help for you whinners. You know it was probly GW who started the fires right.

  • Bruce Ross


    A great comment. Would you be interested in sharing it with the Record Searchlight's readers? Shoot me an e-mail.

    Bruce Ross


  • Veronica Taylor Carv


  • mrsleep

    Well, you live in the forest, you deal with fires.

    This isn't anything new in California Forests, been going on for decades.

    I suggest moving to somewhere with less fires if it bothers you that much.

    Stop waiting for someone else to fix your problems, take action.