Paris Hilton and US Energy Policy

  • Published on August 7th, 2008

Now I’m scared. Paris Hilton has jumped into the Presidential race fray thanks to John McCain’s perhaps ill-advised decision to compare Barrack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. (See fellow blogger Clayton’s summary.) In return, Ms. Hilton came out with a professional-looking, tongue-in-cheek riposte that can only be described as… both an illuminating //> via *flickr* under a Creative Commons Licenselook into American celebrity culture and traditional politics, as well as what we should all understand as a snapshot into how speechwriting can make or break you.

While part satire (at least I hope) by calling McCain the “old guy” and Obama “the other guy” and her credentials as being a celebrity and being “hot”, the scary part is when she presents her solution to her understanding of the opposing McCain-Obama energy policies (Arctic drilling vs. new energy technology).

She then goes on to present a very articulate alternative, proposing limited Arctic drilling with strict environmental controls that would allow America to bridge until new technologies would be able to come online. Leaving aside the paucity of detail (this is a spoof video… I hope), I challenge any other viewer to watch and not feel that her presentation was articulate and seemingly well-thought-out.

Slick, professional presentation, coupled with intelligent speechwriters who know a) how to craft a phrase, and b) say all the right words (“strict environmental controls” indeed) can get the average candidate pretty far. In fact, some might argue *cough* George Bush *cough*, it can get the below average candidate pretty far.

“I’ll see you at the debates bi*c*es.” If only.

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Amiel is the founder of the Globalis Group, an organization whose motto is "combining action and thought for a sustainable world." His experience includes working with the Canadian government on greenspace projects, sustainable development programs and on policy documents on issues as diverse as climate change, sustainable development, and the environmental and social impacts of transportation. He is listed on the UN’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory’s list of GHG experts, and has sat on the Canadian Environmental Certifications Board’s Greenhouse Gas Verification and Validation Certification committee.


  • Hilton's spoof video is brilliant! As you said, she was articulate, her delivery was perfect and deliciously tongue and cheek.

    And it really does go to show you that it is all about the speech writers behind the scenes that can make or break a politician or celebrity.

    And btw David, I think it's pretty obvious that Paris' speech was coached – I'm not saying Paris is dumb, nor that she is sharing her opinion on the matter, but the video is very professionally produced and is too clean and perfectly worded (using the proper 'green' terminology) to not be written for her.

  • This article doesn't really say anything. Paris' plan was a lot like mcCain's idea, at least the other blogger on this site mentioned this. the hilton's contribute to McCampaign. Can we get some more Brett Farve news please… oh please. I think he also needs more press.

  • I was very impressed by her plan. What does she think about the 'protecting marriage' issue? McCain is the 2nd coming of Bush, and I don't quite trust obama.

    however, to put you all at ease, noone under 35 can run.

  • I know no more of your credentials than those of Ms. Hilton. What makes her opinions any less valid? What makes your opinion so valuable? What's your answer to the fuel "crisis"? If she acts dumb, you make fun. If she shows intelligence you say she's being coached. Hell, she can't win.

  • Thanks to John McCain, Paris is back on the internet. It really was refreshing to not see her for a while. I wonder what Brittany will do to follow the Paris act?

  • @Petch Petch

    Well, regardless of what one may think of Paris, McCain did bring her up first, and I thought her response was actually pretty good.

    Beyond that, I was trying to talk about how speechwriting can let anyone, even someone famous simply for being famous sound pretty darn good.

  • You go Paris, I would Vote for you. I'm sure you could do as good a job ( or better ) than our current President.(you don't have to be a Brain Surgeon ) You could probably get about 75% of all male votes because you ARE hot!!!. The other 25% would likely vote for Elton John, and most women would vote for you just because. You go Paris!!! Give 'em hell!!!

  • Stop promoting this shit. You're only encouraging that creature to keep appearing in out media. Her critique does nothing but alienate anyone over 40 – there are plenty of reasons to critize McCain but age is a dumb way to do it.

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