Gore’s DNC Speech: Our Oil Dependence MUST CHANGE

  • Published on August 31st, 2008

al goreThursday night was Barack Obama’s night, and when he delivered his magnificent capstone speech, he hit one out of the ballpark with the bases loaded.

But former Vice President Al Gore was on fire.

Speaking less than one hour before Democratic Presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech, Al Gore delivered a 20-minute address that tied together our pathologic dependence on oil with our economic troubles, our foreign policy messes, and of course, our melting planet.  Most importantly, he told the crowd of 80,000 that by electing Barack Obama, we could start to end our oil and fossil fuel dependence, invest in alternative forms of energy, and get our country back on track.

It was the speech we had all been waiting for Gore to give.

If he had won the presidential election in 2000, Gore said, “We would not be denying the climate crisis, we’d be solving the climate crisis.”

Gore read a laundry list of all the wrongs Bush and Cheney have committed in the last 8 years: the calamitous invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, our tumbling economy, the abregation of the Bill of Rights, permission to torture. Then he asked the crowd why the race was even close.

Fear of change, specifically fear of ending our dependence on oil have made the race between Senators Obama and McCain closer than expected.  “We’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the future of human civilization,” said Al Gore in his speech. “All of that has to change.”

But change is held hostage to the special interest groups that run Washington VP Gore pointed out. Big oil and coal have owned the GOP for 50 years, and these polluters have spent one-half billion dollars on trying to market a false message that they care about the climate crisis in the past year.

At the heart of Al Gore’s speech lies the fundamental different between Democrats and Republicans in this election: the party of progressives wants to fight for newer, cleaner, safer ways to fuel our cars, trucks and public transportation, light and heat our homes, schools, and businesses, and protect our environment.  Democrats know that because humans are causing our climate to change in potentially drastic ways, human activity can reverse this catastrophic process.

Changing our dependence on oil starts with changing our leadership.  Al Gore asked us all to support Barack Obama, to work on his campaign, and of course to vote for him on November 4.

Now is our time to change our dependence on fossil fuels by working for Obama, so we’d better get started–Al Gore’s passion is lighting the way.

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  • If he had won the presidential election in 2000, Gore said, “We would not be denying the climate crisis, we’d be solving the climate crisis.”

  • Edna

    Exactamundo! We need to proceed with Al Gore's brilliant and elegant 10-year vision/plan to move us off our fossil fuel addiction and onto renewable solar and wind within 10 years, and we need to do it NOW. Enough said. Let's git 'er done!