Sarah Palin’s Record on Killing Wolves is Brutal

  • Published on September 12th, 2008

The Republican vice presidential nominee’s Alaskan administration has not only supported the aerial hunting of adult wolves, but also the slaughter of their pups.

aerial wolf kill

Sarah Palin’s record is not very favorable for wildlife. She’s put efforts into undoing federal wildlife protections for polar bears and beluga whales in order to protect oil and gas drilling operations, for example. But her position on wolf hunting is perhaps the most controversial.

One of Palin’s first acts in office was to put a $150 bounty on the heads of her state’s wolves, allegedly with the goal of increasing the moose and caribou population. But this was no ordinary hunt – it was meant to incentivize the aerial killing of wolves, in which private hunters take a small plane and chase down wolf packs until they’re exhausted and can’t move any more, when they either shoot them from the air or land and execute them at point blank range. A Defenders of Wildlife ad illustrating this process is available at ClimateProgress.

Even worse, now Palin’s administration is allowing its “Department of Wildlife Conservation” to enter into wolf dens and slaughter wolf pups, even though Alaska law specifically prohibits this activity (Regulation 5AAC 92.110(i)). According to Defenders of Wildlife:

“Over the past year, the state has produced several publications as part of its $400,000 public education campaign designed to inform Alaskans about the facts of its programs. Our scientific and legal review of this information has found similar omissions of critical information including overstating the impact of predation on moose and caribou populations and failing to recognize the importance of other limiting factors. The state’s recent omission of important facts regarding its control efforts in its ‘public education’ materials appears to be clearly intentional and designed to influence the vote on the pending ballot measure regarding the aerial hunting of wolves and bears. One has to wonder if the department tried to keep the killing of these wolf pups under wraps because of the upcoming vote.

It would be an understatement to say the Palin Administration’s wildlife and environmental record leaves something to be desired.

Sources: Democratic Courage, Climate Progress, Defenders of Wildlife

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  • Agree RG !!!! May God have no mercy on this woman
    If only a wolf could jump her and maul her !!!
    I hate this woman and may one day a wolf avenge every wolf she killed – this woman Is sick

  • You know our country would not be in this MESS if people did not OVERPOPULATE. They have taken too much land that belonged to the animals. Now these STUPID people want to kill wolves. The wolves are not the trouble HUMANS ARE. We have killed and killed until alot of animals are no more. We have lost to much already. We need to open our eyes. We need to stop building so much and stop ruining our planet. Just were do we think we are going to live. Don’t you understand what happens to the animals on earth WILL ONE DAY HAPPEN TO US. I think people that hurt or kill animals for fun should be killed. We have to protect the earth and the animals like the Native American did. That is untill Stupid people came along.One’s with no respect for anything.I say KEEP SARAH OUT OF OFFICE. Don’t voit for anyone that does not care about animal. And poachers should be killed.

  • To all you supportors of all this useles wolf killing and say the wolves are killing these caribou, you need to do your research on what is actulling killing them. HUMANS you wanna kill the problem stop the hunter, and the poachers from over hunting. a life is a life no one more important than another. the wolves keep a natural balance of nature. at least wolves dont have airplanes, or atvs. the wolves and caribou have lived in balence since there creation until human came along and started pulluting and killing more than is needed to eat, and overpopullating the earth, and making wildlife habbitat smaller and smaller. so you wanna blame someone for wildlife dissapering look in the mirror!!!

  • maddie

    if you people think the killing of wolves is "wildlife managment" then your wronge. wolves have lives too and killing them well… it's sad.ok think of it this way. your a wolf and your doing stuff and all of a sudden you are being shot because there is to many of you(not).since 2003 1074 wolves have been killed from aerial killing and 251 of those wolves have been killed this season.even worse,now sarah palin's administrtion is allowing it's "department of wildlife conservation" to enter into wolves dens and kill the wolf pups!now thats just wronge!all of what i just said is wronge!

    i might be 12 yrs old but that doesn't make me to young to protest!

  • Heather

    my sister used to always tell me "Humans come first" I told her "Thats not true thats just a lie.Humans and animals are the same!Without animals we whouldnt even be here.Who whould we talk to in the time of needs?Who comforted us?Animals!Yet we don't even do anything in return but cruel things…That have a heart and feelings just like us but they can't say it." So She is basiclly killing HERSELF JUSt because god made a mistake makeing her….

  • Erica

    i can not believe that people would kill wolves….they are so magestic, so beautiful…..who gave us the right to kill them off ?????????????? sarah palin disgusts me….more than anything… yes the caribou is low in alaska SO PEOPLE SHOULD STOP HUNTING THEM FOR A FEW YEARS….NOT kill off all of the wolves….the wolves ARE NOT the reason for the shortage…they only take away the young, old, & weak…..HUMANS are what is destroying the population, we kill the biggest and strongest leaving only the weak, wolves & humans are BOTH animals, we both have simple needs food & water & shelter….we can find other food besides JUST caribou….

    i'm sorry aboout the rant…but this sickens me more than anything…..i wish that we could all stand up for the wolves…i've been spreading awareness around my town to everyone……….

    please….don't kill the wolves…….it is just un-moral

  • Jenn

    Killing of any living creature, whether human or furry, is wrong! Wolves are hunting for food in winter months and eating what nature tells them they are supposed to eat. It's not up to the government to "control our wildlife". It's just sickening.

  • patty

    Another Mother who authorizes other mothers babies to be killed.

    God have mercy on your soul.

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  • T Iaconis

    You guys present only one side of the story to give a false representation of what is actually happening in Alaska.

    For starters the Caribou heard in Alaska had been reduced from 5,000 to roughly 600 mostly because of the wolves. During 2006 and 2007 only 1 calf survived per 100 cows. Since then, the percentage has jumped up 39 calves per 100 cows. In order for the Caribou to survive they need the survival rate to be at 20%, the killing of wolves if doing just that.

    This hunt is being done to save a species, not just for the "hell of it". A report that gives only one side of the argument is intellectually dishonest. The wolves are not endangered and this program is beneficial to the eco system in that area in that it ensures the survival of the Caribou. The same thing happens with hunting deer. If hunting is outlawed the deer population would grow to the point where the land would not be able to sustain the heard. This is simply called wildlife management.

    • well look in the mirror your the reason the big game is dissapearing not the wolves they only kill the sick or old animals humans hunt for looks so you want someone to blame look at people not animals!!!

  • SF

    If you do not believe in killing any of God's creatures, you are advised to read Obama's views on abortion, live birth abortion and the born alive infant protection act (BAIPA).

    You can be pro animal rights and pro choice all you want- but if you are against killing- then you should be against abortion/live birth abortion/ and be FOR the BAIPA- which Obama voted against 4 times. This act would stated that all live-born babies were guaranteed the same constitutional right to equal protection, whether or not they were wanted.

    Do some reasearch, like this-

    So are you saying that human life is less important than animal life? Or are you saying they are equal?

    Are you saying that Obama's views are more humane than Sarah Palin's?

    Really now.

  • RG

    Shame, shame on you, SARAH PALIN! These are God's creatures. You have no right to kill them.

    I thought about voting for you when I heard your speech at the Repuplican Convention, as you were so great. NO MORE! YOU ARE A CRUEL PERSON. To even think of killing these poor animals is awful. Think again Sarah, if you want to be the vice president!

  • Greg

    This ad campaign is being shown in Ohio.

    With funding it will be shown in Florida.

    Support it by contributing to the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund (Palin Aerial Hunting TV Ad specifically) at: