The Obama Promise: Five Million New Green Jobs

  • Published on October 14th, 2008

Barack Obama spoke in Toledo, Ohio on Monday about his economic plan, promising five million new, high wage jobs in renewable energy.

[social_buttons]Everyone seems to be in agreement these days that green jobs are part of the key to solving the current financial crisis. Barack Obama outlined his ideas for how to accomplish this in yesterday’s speech. Here are some excerpts:

  • “We’ll create 5 million new, high-wage jobs by investing in the renewable sources of energy that will eliminate the oil we currently import from the Middle East in 10 years, and we’ll create 2 million jobs by rebuilding our crumbling roads, schools, and bridges.”
  • “It is time to protect the jobs we have and to create the jobs of tomorrow by unlocking the drive, and ingenuity, and innovation of the American people. And we should fast-track the loan guarantees we passed for our auto industry and provide more as needed so that they can build the energy-efficient cars America needs to end our dependence on foreign oil.”
  • “I won’t pretend this will be easy or come without cost. We’ll have to set priorities as never before, and stick to them. That means pursuing investments in areas such as energy, education, and healthcare that bear directly on our economic future, while deferring other things we can afford to do without.”

John McCain is also interested in creating “green jobs” to help boost the economy.  How’s his plan different?  McCain’s talking about the nuclear sector, while Obama’s talking about the research and development of clean fuels and cars.

Read the transcript from Obama’s economic speech here.

Source:  nytimes
Photo:  Wikimedia Commons

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Meg Hamill has been working in the environmental non-profit field in Northern California for the past six years. She currently works as a naturalist for LandPaths (in partnership with the Open Space District) in Santa Rosa California. She teaches poetry in the public school through California Poets in the Schools (CPITS) and has traveled extensively throughout South and Central America, picking up Spanish along the way. In 1999 she completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Meg holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has published two books of political/environmental poetry. Read more, buy books and e-mail Meg at
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  • markdesign

    Note his language. He says he will create 5 million "NEW" jobs, not additional jobs.

    You can create 10 million NEW jobs in freebee making if you put money into it, but you divert money from elsewhere where it looses jobs.

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  • Let us give our support to generate more green jobs for the people!

  • Uncle B

    Hopefully, Obama, and his party, will put corporate interests aside, and concentrate on what is good for the nation and its people on the whole! America must rid itself of imported oil in order to balance the books and get off of the Saudi "hook" Sending our boys to Iraq was supposed to do this, and at the same time, solve the Sunnis dilemma for the Saudis. We were supposed to get control of Iraqi sweet light crude! It did not happen, goodbye Corvette, goodbye Mustang, hello eco-boxes from China! Obama says develop South Western U.S. Solar power – he is right, the scientists agree, and for less money than the Iraqi war cost, we can have a sustainable (forever) power source – sort of like a reactor that never needs fuel! We can add to it to our hearts content, it will never be exhausted, and we can harvest more power from it daily than the Saudis have in the ground, forever! We can also develop wind power, and once a windmill starts to spin, nothing ever stops it! We will have our own wind and wind power forever! The OPEC countries Do Not fear this, they are aware that they are running out of product, and wish to conserve what they have for as long as possible, usually by pumping less out at a time and charging more for it! We also have small nuclear power plants already in production, that can power whole districts for 10 to 20 years between refueling! To solve our energy problems, many of these small plants throughout our society will reduce transmission losses and increase reliability while reducing costs. Medical centers will have independent power supplies, Stratigic military installations will too! Obama has lots of very powerful tools at his disposal once he unhooks from the neo con oil baron rich-ass Bush class, and sets America free from republican-proven asshole ideas

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  • Julius

    The ignorant hate that people will buy into both frightens and astounds me in an equally disturbing measure. Does anyone actually read current events, or are they content to remain ideological vegetables feeding on whatever their demagogue political leaders tell them.


  • Proud Blue Stater

    Hey Michele, heads up. Your country is already more socialist than you think its. Haven't you been following the giant bailout fiasco? Don't be so naive. The Bush Administration are the folks who lead us into this dark arena of big big BIG government spending. A dude with a MIDDLE NAME of Hussein is only asking those in the $250K+ bracket to pay up a little more. Stop freaking out. Take a chill pill. Read the newspaper. Don't fall for the hateful racist speech spewed at you by your candidate. Be your own person. Be an adult. Be an informed voter. Don't be a fucking dumbass Republican fool


    I am very concerned about this man. He is way to extreme left. Anyone that has Hussaine in his name, isn't someone I want to be president. The junk that comes out of his mouth, are nothing but full blown lies. I always voted Republican, and will remain to vote Republican. they are for lowering taxes and tax cuts. They are for creating more jobs. All Obama wants to do, is expand unemployment benefits, and increase welfare, and take the people who work hard for a living, take their money and give to those who dont work at all. If you want to create jobs. you need to give business tax breaks. And Stop wanting to expand unemployment benefits and food stamps. All he is going to do,is keep the people from going to work. Obama is a dangerous person. With him having ties with ayers..people better start thinking hard before going to the polls in November. They need to ask themselves, do we need someone like Obama for our president? It's going to be a SOCIALIST country, if he gets it. He isn't for the blue collar workers, he is for the people who don't want to go to work, wants everything for nothing. And us hard working people are going to be paying for it. The manorities, want this man in. Because they know, he will give more money towards welfare. I can't beleive how these people in this country, esp for those who work for their money, believe in all this junk that comes out of this mans mouth! Obama in my opinion, is nothing but a cut throat, talks sweet to alot of these people who are democrats. If he geys the house in Jan. these full blown democrats out here, will know who Obama is really for! One word! MANORITIES!