Green Economy Scavenger Hunt: The Race is on… and the Judges are Here

  • Published on October 21st, 2008

scavenger hunt map drawingSo, the commenting has begun in Red, Green and Blue’s and ReframeIt’s Green Economy Scavenger Hunt. Our own Tim Hurst has been quite active, but user Maximilian Harmon is definitely in the race, too, at this point (and, of course, Tim can’t win… that wouldn’t look right, would it?).  Remember, $1000 dollars and a guest post at RG&B is up for grabs for the person who creates the best body of finds and comments related to the growth of the green economy, and the presidential candidates’ approaches to doing that.

Of course, “best” is a qualitative judgment, so we need to have reasonable, rational judges available to take a look at the web pages discovered, comments added, and discussions started.  We’ve put that group together: the folks who will decide who wins the scavenger hunt on November 3rd are (drum roll, please):

Of course, the campaign’s not over, and neither is the scavenger hunt: you simply need to sign up at ReframeIt, join the RG&B group, and start hunting for and posting information on the most promising innovations and ideas related to building a green economy, and Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s readiness to do just that (’cause we want to see them hit the ground running on these issues, also, on January 20th).

Let’s show the world (or, at least, the web) that green economic development isn’t some pie-in-the-sky fantasy, but a relevant, rational approach to building wealth. Times a’wastin’, so sign up, start searching, and join our discussion.

Image credit: ryanrocketship at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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