Sarah Palin Knows the Name of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission… right?

  • Published on October 21st, 2008

[social_buttons]In an interview that aired on CNN Tuesday night, Republican candidate for vice-president Sarah Palin seemed to stumble trying to recall the name of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission – a commission she chaired for two years, which according to John McCain, makes her one of the foremost energy experts in the nation.
Asked by CNN’s Drew Griffin what her role would be as vice-president, Palin said she would focus on government reform and energy independence. “That’s been my forte as the governor of an energy producing state and as a former chair of the… of the energy regulator… entity up there in Alaska.” Watch it: 


To be honest, I’m pretty sure that Gov. Palin knows the name of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. What I think hope, is that she didn’t say the actual name of the Commission because she is fully cognizant of how loaded those words are: or that someone told her. Speaking on CNN, she had to temper the ‘drill, baby, drill’ Republican rhetoric something softer and more ‘all of the above’-sounding.

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