Is Palin the Top Suspect in Slain Bear Found with Obama Sign?

  • Published on October 22nd, 2008

black bear mom and cubOn Monday, October 21, 2008, police in North Carolina found the body of a dead black bear cub wearing Obama/Biden campaign signs. The baby bear had been shot in the head and left on the campus of Western Carolina University.  Obama yard signs had been stapled together and put over the dead bear’s head. Was this just a sick fraternity prank or a twisted statement of support of the McCain/Palin ticket?  WCU Junior Bethany Rowe expressed her disgust,”I just can’t believe people would go to such an extent to state their political beliefs.”

I can’t help but wonder if the Republican party’s vice presidential candidate’s disdain for wildlife has something to do with this horrendous act.  Sure Sarah Palin belongs to the NRA and can correctly dress a moose, which in itself does not make her a bad person if the moose is used for subsistence; however, the aerial killing of wolves and the opposition to beluga whales protection proves she is no animal rights advocate.

Authorities claim this was just a student prank; however, I don’t get the joke and it smells of a cover up. Seven students claim they took political signs to cover the bear’s wounds and prevent blood from spilling into truck bed; however, they also claim they found the bear’s carcass while camping and brought it back to a party. Which is it? Did they shoot it or find it, and why didn’t they use any McCain signs?  A prank is defined as, “‘acting like a clown or buffoon’ or ‘dressing showily’, or alternatively, ‘a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement’.”  I don’t find dead baby bears wearing Obama signs amusing.

The Republican party needs to consider how their constituency reacts to their message.  From shouting “Terrorist” and “Kill Him” at Palin led rallies to dead bears turning up on college campuses, Joe Six Pack is losing his marbles. How many more innocent animals will be killed before this election is over?

Image: National Geographic

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  • I agree with Jennifer that Palin has shown very little ability and will to set a tone of respect, honor, and decency in this campaign. This horrible bear incident is wierdly reflective of mean policies and behaviors that Palin and her followers promote, endorse, or deny as wrong. This voting registered Independent views the bear incident as a crime, not a prank. Sign stealing from private property violates the first and fourth amendment and is not a funny prank either. We have had our Obama signs stolen repeatedly from our business property and have to put our Obama signs away at night even at home. The Republican political campaign has crossed the line in every way and this bear incident is tragic. Hope Democrats sweep the election this time.

  • @Kat Mo

    I don't see how she is bashing Palin. She just drew a conclusion about Palin's disdain for wildlife by Palin's past actions.

  • No doubt how Jennifer is voting…lol. Well, politicizing this sick joke is typical liberalism at its worst… wouldn't put it past boneheads on either side of the aisle for this stunt… we once again have a lose-lose option for president,

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