The Sarah Palin Chronicles: From A to Z

  • Published on October 27th, 2008

Sarah Palin quotes from across the spectrum: from man not causing global warming, to the war in Iraq being a task from God, and how offshore drilling will save us – she says it all.

1. Introduction
It’s obvious why Sarah Palin got the VP nod. And Saturday Night Live makes this point most brilliantly: Hillary Clinton.

2. Sarah Palin On The Environment
Just one day before being picked as the GOP vice president, she wrote a letter to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger urging him to shoot down policy aimed at pollution.

3. Sarah Palin On Ethics
Palin’s record is already dirty enough to warrant a trip to the free clinic, and that’s just as Governor! What is she capable of if elected as VP?

4. Sarah Palin On Energy and Big Oil
Sarah Palin dismisses alternative energy in favor of a pipeline built by God.

5. Sarah Palin On Foreign Policy
Colin Powell is jumping party lines because of Palin – can we afford her on the job training?

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  • Poll after poll keep coming out decrying Palin as a disaster to the McCain campaign, the republican party and to humanity as a whole. They are all wrong. Yes, she is divisive and representative of everything that is wrong with politics in America, but that is exactly where her greatness lies. Palin may indeed bring change to Washington, but only if she is NOT elected.
    Corruption, greed, gridlock all can come crumbling down, but only when the two party system changes. Palin can do that. The republican party has been hijacked in the last 2 decades by the religious conservatives. While this base has been solidifying, it has never gone so fringe with its national public figures to drive away so many moderate republicans. Palin represents the tipping point.
    With a McCain/Palin loss and the already building momentum for Palin 2012, the Republican Party will begin to fracture. Many supporters who are now holding the company line and supporting the two of them will begin to stray from a party that left them. At the same time, the democratic party will not be a better option. These influential and powerful moderate republicans will have no option but to create a third political institution. This new party will embrace moderation and it will pull members from the democratic establishment as well.
    When the dust settles, the political landscape will have 3 legitimate and substantial parties. The Palinites will have a religious base with figure heads like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee. It will be socially conservative, but will mirror the fiscal spending of the Bush years. It will push for social programs like welfare will be cut while initiatives to teach creationism in schools will be well funded.
    The Repubrocrats will have a base of the fiscal conservative, but socially liberal Americans that left the two existing parties. It will be made up of the forgotten middle. The invisibles, the independents, the others. It will reduce spending on mandates and regulation and increase spending on social services and options for those in need.
    The Democrats will remain mostly in tact. It will lose the middle to the more fiscally disciplined Repubrocrats while pushing for a vast spectrum of programs and initiatives. Government programs and intervention will still be the answer to the Democrat loyalists.
    It will indeed be through Palin’s mavericky maverickness that change will come to Washington, and she is right that Obama cannot do it. Only her. And only by not electing her.

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