Green Economy Scavenger Hunt: One Week Until We Have a Winner

  • Published on October 28th, 2008

bicycle raceOK, so as of the time of this writing, we’ll still be waiting to see if Barack Obama or John McCain wins the White House in a week.  But, we will know another winner: the winner of the Red, Green & Blue/Reframe It Green Economy Scavenger Hunt. At this time next week, one participant will have snagged the $1000 grand prize and a guest posting opportunity on RG&B, a runner-up will have won $100, and two more participants will score $50 each.

And, just as some are saying about the presidential race, the Scavenger Hunt is tightening up: we’ve seen big growth in participation. Some of the more interesting finds since our last post:

With these discussions and others, it’s clear that several users are well on their way to claiming the prizes mentioned above (in addition to contributing to the dialogue about the growth of a green economy, and the presidential candidates approaches to moving the country in that direction). But just like the presidential race, the Scavenger Hunt isn’t over… there’s still time to join, contribute, and maybe even win.

If you’re ready to jump in and contribute to this hunt to discover the most innovative ideas out there about greening our economy, sign up at Reframe It through this link.  You’ll be placed into the RG&B group automatically, and can start sharing sites… and your thoughts. In these last days of the campaign, your ideas and contributions are more valuable than ever… so join us!

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