New McCain Ad on Global Warming Features Obama’s Praise

  • Published on October 31st, 2008

A television ad released yesterday by the McCain Campaign features Barack Obama stating that McCain’s Global Warming Proposal is “good for the environment.”


[social_buttons]In an intriguing shift of tactics, the McCain campaign reminds the public that he has historically worked diligently to reduce global warming.  By using Barack Obama’s own praise of his past global warming proposals, perhaps McCain is trying to narrow the perceived divide among parties, on this issue.

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Meg Hamill has been working in the environmental non-profit field in Northern California for the past six years. She currently works as a naturalist for LandPaths (in partnership with the Open Space District) in Santa Rosa California. She teaches poetry in the public school through California Poets in the Schools (CPITS) and has traveled extensively throughout South and Central America, picking up Spanish along the way. In 1999 she completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Meg holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has published two books of political/environmental poetry. Read more, buy books and e-mail Meg at

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  • But this ad is total greenwashing. Unfortunately, McCain has voted against solar many times, listed here with all 50 links to the rollcall votes (and showing how Inhofe and Barbara Boxer voted each time, for a control group) and the legislation:

    McCain's 50 votes against clean energy:

    There are Republicans who support clean energy like the governors of Florida and California. But McCain is not a friend of clean energy when it comes to the actual votes, and that is what matters.

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