Would Obama be Good News For Development and Eco-Tourism in Kenya?

  • Published on November 4th, 2008

Many in Kenya hope that with Barack Obama as President, they will see more US support for development projects in their country, as well as an influx of eco-tourists.

Barack Obama has many relatives living in Kenya, but they aren’t the only ones rooting for him today.  Pretty much all Kenyans, including Cabinet ministers, religious leaders and businesspeople, said a victory by Obama would be good for the country.

[social_buttons]Kenya has long been a popular destination among eco-tourists and some hope that with Obama as president, more will be drawn to visit the country.  Despite the uphill struggles faced by Kenya’s environmentalists, the tourism industry is definitely doing its part to save the country’s fragile wilderness.

“Change is coming to Kenya and the world at large. Kenya is bound to benefit particularly in tourism, where people would want to visit the land where the President’s father came from,” believes Forestry and Wildlife minister Dr Noah Wekesa.

Others believe that he will positively influence development and infrastructure projects.

“My brother may not directly influence the development in the village,” half-brother Abongo Malik Obama said, “But there are things that he stands for, and it is the people who believe in those things who will make moves to improve living standards,” he told reporters in Kogelo.

The Daily Nation wrote: “Black people the world over, and Kenyans in particular, are happy that one who traces his ancestry from the continent has a chance of leading America, and will, therefore, be in a position to influence the destiny of the world.”

However, many have warned that Obama will not be able to do much to bring benefits to Africa, and that historically he hasn’t shown much interest in the continent.

Regardless, Obama’s relatives prepared to roast a bull in celebration today, and across the country people are praying for an Obama victory.

Photo Source:  exfordy on flickr.com under a Creative Commons Lisence

About the Author

Meg Hamill has been working in the environmental non-profit field in Northern California for the past six years. She currently works as a naturalist for LandPaths (in partnership with the Open Space District) in Santa Rosa California. She teaches poetry in the public school through California Poets in the Schools (CPITS) and has traveled extensively throughout South and Central America, picking up Spanish along the way. In 1999 she completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Meg holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has published two books of political/environmental poetry. Read more, buy books and e-mail Meg at www.meghamill.com.


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  • The impact of Barack Obama regarding environement and ecotourism could be felt around the world if he has the courage and the leadership to make America move forward and adopt stringent environmental regulations.

  • Obama : président des USA! La crise financière n’existe plus ?
    Depuis les primaires où Hilari Clinton la plus soutenu au niveau populaire, a été exclu. Cette élection américaine est devenue un simulacre d’élection démocratique et elle n’a rien à envier à l’élection de Bush en 2000.
    Obama est clairement l’homme des puissances de l’argent. Sa mission est d’être le Loperello, le sous-fifre, de l’oligarchie financière internationale. Ses sponsors sont bien connus, ce sont les plus grands spéculateurs américains, Georges Soros, Felix Rohatyn, ou encore le profiteur de crise, Warren Buffet. Est-ce que l’homme du changement « we can change », osera s’opposer à ses propres parrains ?
    En tout cas, l’effondrement du système financier est plus que jamais là.
    Ne croyez pas une seul seconde que l’homme des média, Barack Obama souhaite sortir le monde de la crise, ces parrains ne l’ont pas installé pour ça. Seul, une vaste mobilisation citoyenne à travers le monde autour d’un vrai nouveau bretton woods nous donnera un espoir pour une nouvelle donne.
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    Nous sommes face à une échéance décisive : la grande réunion monétaire et financière des vingt principaux pays du monde, le 15 novembre. Le défi est ainsi lancé aux responsables politiques, mais nous savons tous qu’ils ne sont pas à la hauteur.
    Nous devons donc, nous autres citoyens, monter sur la scène de l’histoire. »

    Les vérités qu’il faut dire
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  • Interesting article exemplifying the fact that the world is becoming more integrated, more of a melting pot, and yet we still seek the roots of where we came from. This simultaneous blending of society and search to discover uniqueness can go a long way toward creating a world of individuals that are also family.

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