Jerry Springer on Environmental Politics? [w/video]

  • Published on November 23rd, 2008

I know what you’re thinking. Why would we bother to spill any virtual ink in an effort to cover anything Jerry Springer does or says? And while I would normally agree with you, I was struck by the remarks from the talk show host, who, when asked what people could do to help the environment, didn’t suggest people change their light bulbs, or buy a Prius. Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati and current host of a talk show with some of the most questionable content on television, focused on the political.

Springer said individuals needed to call, write, or visit their representatives and tell them that the environment is not just something to be talked about during election season. In what is likely a first for me, after watching this I had a bit of an urge to break into a chant of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” Watch it: [1 min., 45 secs.]


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is the founder of ecopolitology and the executive editor at LiveOAK Media, a media network about the politics of energy and the environment, green business, cleantech, and green living. When not reading, writing, thinking or talking about environmental politics with anyone who will listen, Tim spends his time skiing in Colorado's high country, hiking with his dog, and getting dirty in his vegetable garden.


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