Generational High Crimes and Misdemeanors

  • Published on February 12th, 2009

Stimulus Bill Criticism

The conservative blogosphere, led by up and coming right wing-nut Michelle Malkin have been frantically pushing to label the stimulus bill the “Generational Theft Bill,” and impressionable republicans on the hill are echoing this ill-conceived branding quip. Generational Theft? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Apparently in the eyes of these pundits and politicians all debt is not created equal…


When Bush nearly doubled the national debt from 5.7 trillion to almost 11 trillion dollars to fund the Iraq war and give tax cuts to the wealthy, that wasn’t “Generational Theft.” Even though we’ll be paying for his policies for years to come, he was investing in our future, and making the world a better, safer place.

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When the Obama Administration proposes increasing the debt 7% to avert a potentially irreversible financial disaster, create jobs, build a more efficient infrastructure, and protect the environment, he’s robbing our children of their future?

Give me a break, that is akin to parents taking out a home equity loan on their home to fix a crumbling foundation, rusted plumbing and leaky roof so they still have a house to leave their kids, and calling that a crime.

Aside from taking out a second, third and fourth mortgage on our home, the Bush administration has also done some remodeling. They have left us with…

The list goes on. So by John and Michelle’s standards the Bush administration’s rap sheet should include Generational Theft, Fraud, Vandalism, Murder and Rape.

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  • No Name Allow

    I'd like to share my voice, "NO MORE POLITICAL PARTIES!" Obama and Bush speak the voice of their party, so why should we vote the parties if they are keep destroying our country. We should call them Un-American and abandon the idea of Political parties. We need a president who does not belong to any party of the idealism and to do what they know is right.

    According to George Washington Idealism: Washington was not a member of any political party and hoped that they would not be formed, fearing conflict and stagnation.

    There we go! Time to ban all political parties and keep the Legislative and Executive parties separate, not combined in some sort of misfit government.

    Sadly this won't happen anytime soon, because people are too stupid to learn their history.

  • helloi might get rip

    dude who cares if the bush admin did generation theft…its going on right now again, dont you realize! they just cut out the cap cash limitations out of the stimulus "theft" bill-from the bastards who are making millions off of your tax dollars – and for what – a new piece of furniture that costs more than your paycheck…both parties are corrupt…america's federal system has been corrupt since the federal reserve came into place in 1913……

    wake up…time to start a civil war on the federal judical system…now…or do away with the federal reserve NOW

  • Uhhh

    JM, Im not saying that the republican side hasn't done shady things as well, but as others have said just because the republicans do something shady doesn't mean the dems can go ahead and do the same things.

    And to be honest, a lot of these "republicans" are not. They have lost sight of the conservative values that the republican party used to stand for. Any republican who votes for the stimulus is not a conservative, and a republican only by title.

    One thing that would help people RIGHT AWAY and put more money into the hands of hard working people would be a tax holiday where all income tax is halted. People who are working would love this and there's no free handouts for people who are not working.

  • Stick to the point. Argumentation and debate is important but not when it makes us lose focus of the the point we're arguing. Like Matt said the point of this article is the hypocrisy of the conservative pundits. I think most young people, myself included, are the ones whos "generations are being stolen", oppose the war and are for the stimulus plan. I'm sure this would be pretty easy for the lobbyists to analyze via social media "what do the young people feel about this… ok PASS IT"

  • So you think that the "conservatives" from the last 8 years were doing the right thing? Or that the democratic-controlled government is doing the wrong thing? Or what? Sounds like a "two wrongs don't make a right" to me.

  • Ben

    The guy 3 posts below me ("Uhhh") is ridiculous. He is actually suggesting that it is a bad thing that Obama is attempting to modify the bill in order to gain more Republican support. So, let me get this straight, if he tries to get the Republicans on board and compromise with them, he is only doing it for his own parties benefit. However, if he doesn't try and reach out to the Republicans, then he is backtracking on his promise of a bipartisan government, right? Seriously, why can't people like you just recognize when someone on the other side is doing good work or at least trying to do what he promised he would do?

  • JM

    Oh, NOW the media needs to read the bills that are presented? Tell me about what portion of the media had access to the Patriot Act?

  • Dalton

    Can you say, "Social Security?" I'm sure the boomers can. The echo-boomers can say "Social (In)Security". They'll be taking our cash for a hundred years because of that pyramid scheme.

    So, bravo, you thieving scoundrels.

  • tunafizzle

    So what is your solution then? I'd love to hear how to magically fix this economy without spending any money.

  • Deuce

    Increased 7%?? 7% from Bush's term?? Which already includes Iraq occupation costs? Seems like a lot of money in that light. This is a poorly written article based on the comparison of two different numbers. I do agree with the conclusion though, even with the flawed premise comparison.


  • pappa

    What you don't seem to realize is that we have been backed into a corner by BOTH parties. They are two wings of the same bird, and while you are jumping at the chance to blindly champion the democratic party we are ALL being robbed.

    Wake up, democrat or republican, these terms are nothing more than brand names. Both parties have strayed and mutated from their original ideologies, transforming themselves into one big ad campaign. Do you want Coke or Pepsi? Instead of using your emotions and biased one sided opinions why don't you do some research? Fuck man, look at Obama's picks for cabinet positions and you will find that most of them have wall street ties, some of them even profited from the TARP funds! But you dont want to hear all that stuff now do you, just go back to your ipod and iphone, back into your safe and warm place…after all the world is pretty much black and white, right?

  • HeyTard

    "Give me a break, that is akin to parents taking out a home equity loan on their home to fix a crumbling foundation, rusted plumbing and leaky roof so they still have a house to leave their kids, and calling that a crime."

    Except there is no money to be given for a loan, so we'll print some more money, and suffer inflation for the next xx amount of years.

  • Greg

    This whole riff has been driving me crazy. We have the Republican pundits calling dems, "The other side, those morons, half-wits, etc" and we have dems calling republicans, "Right Wing-nut, idiot, etc." It drives me crazy – did the Bush administration have bad policies – sure, did the Clinton Administration have bad policies – sure, each presidential administration will make mistakes and not live up to expectations. But in the end, we need to realize that whether it be a dem or a repub in office ' WE ' end up having to deal with it. So instead of trying to constantly tear down those with opposing views, stand up and try to offer some suggestions for the current administration. My rant is done.

  • DL

    Matt, if it was a bad idea then (it was), it's a bad idea now. If you want to call last year a fourth mortgage on a house, then this would be the 5th mortagage on te same house.

    All of this crap – debt, social security (yep, i said it), medicare, is all a huge ponzi scheme, and some future generation will end up holding the bag. If we're lucky – if we're not lucky, we'll end up holding it wondering why our parents royally screwed us. Just because it's Democrats doesn't make it good. It has to stop sometime, and making the problem worse faster is an epic fail as a solution.

  • Well put Matt.

  • tx

    The right wing politics, fostered by the ulta elites in power and money, will not be happy until we have been reduced to feudalism. Lord and serfs, and no pesky government to interefere by endeavoring to "promote the general welfare" as the Preamble to the Constitution calls for.

  • Cracker Jack

    "If you think our bill is bad, remember the last one. Hey look, a rabbit."

    I recall Bush using similar scare tactics after 9-11. He vowed to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to rescue us from the onslaught of Al Qaeda, and we bought it. Ooopps. But now this time is different (sarcasm). Obama will do whatever it takes, but somehow the results will be better, because by some strange logic Bush's was worse.

  • Sam Berg

    Nice! It's nice seeing someone discuss partisan catchphrases before I hear about them via word of mouth (see "Death Tax").

  • Eric

    @Uhhhh – "You pretty much pointed out the problem in your own post, you said “create jobs, build a more efficient infrastructure, and protect the environment….”"

    All of those things in the end will help our economy and our nation get out of debt. If you have been paying attention at all, most the the supporters of the stimulus package not only want to give us a quick (probably 6-12 months before something really starts happening) fix, but also put us on the right track for the future.

    Modernizing health care, standardizing insurance and keeping rates fair will all help us in the long run, and they all require a massive amount of money to implement because we have not had anyone to move us into that direction in the past. I personally would prefer that my money go to projects that not only would help us in the near future, but would also help us in the long run.

  • Andrew

    Ken- 'non-economy stimulating items such as building renovations and landscaping for government buildings. The way to fix America is to stop giving handouts to every Joe-blow on the street and make people work for what they want again.'

    Do you think government buildings are some sort of weird ATM's where you insert money and they magically renovate themselves? How the hell do you think they will get renovated? This is more of that 'creates work not jobs' bullshit. Who will be doing the work? Americans of course!

    And to the person who said something about giving bridge projects to the private sector… It might 'cost $1', but they would charge tolls, making it impassable to the poorer among us. Not to mention every toll road I have been on recently has been a disaster of construction and traffic. Roads are public good.

  • "for you people that can’t understand English here is the difference in Billions and Trillions"


    Yeah there is a big difference, and the Republicans and the Bush administration spent Trillions, not all in the Iraq war, but $5 TRILLION none the less.

  • Jake

    Well, isn't this how it goes? Once you get too far right or too far left you start spouting off ignorance by the bucket full.

    It could also be a ploy to remove some support from Obama. For a lot of people in politics it isn't about who is right, or wrong, or how to help the people but which party is better.

    It is all a school yard battle being waged by old men and women who are becoming to out of touch with society and reality to be allowed to make any decisions.

    In this case the republics pushing against this policy and yelling "Generational Theft," are just hypocrites.

    I don't know about anyone else, but at this point in my life I am expecting the government to screw me over. They have done it for as long as I can remember, and there isn't anything to stop them now. Nothing is going to be different, really.

  • lo

    "This article is pretty much a load of hype.. Bush didn’t spend TRILLIONS of dollars in Iraq.. the price tag was in the Billions NOT Trillions."

    You are an idiot. Although the total spent on the Iraq War so far is a FEW HUNDRED BILLION, this doesn't take into consideration the future expenses felt over the next decade, nor the thousand other indirect expenses. The life-time healthcare costs alone for the tens of thousands of disabled troops with missing limbs, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and other conditions is estimated to run at least into the tens to hundreds of billions!

    If you want to actually know the facts, there are plenty of public analysis completed on the topic..

  • Has everyone missed the point here? At no point am I trying to justify the stimulus bill by Bush's actions, the stimulus bill is justified by it's own merits. The whole point of this article is to point out the hypocrisy of the conservative pundits and congressional republicans who are trying to undermine this bill by mischaracterizing it as "Generational Theft," something that they have been guilty of for years!

  • Kevin

    Just because bush f'd it up pretty bad, doesn't mean the democrats can f it up in their own way with impunity.

  • and even in spite of this all the poorest people in America vote republican

  • Ken

    The pot may be calling the kettle black, but regardless of the past 8 years, the kettle IS black. The fact of the matter is, most Americans don't want this bill pushed through because of the rediculous amounts of money being spent on rediculous non-economy stimulating items such as building renovations and landscaping for government buildings. The way to fix America is to stop giving handouts to every Joe-blow on the street and make people work for what they want again.

  • This article is pretty much a load of hype.. Bush didn't spend TRILLIONS of dollars in Iraq.. the price tag was in the Billions NOT Trillions.. sorry to say, but your article is not truthfull

    for you people that can't understand English here is the difference in Billions and Trillions

    1 Billion: 1,000,000,000

    1 Trillion: 1,000,000,000,000

    BIG Difference..

  • Bryan

    Ok, I can see how generational theft can be blamed on the Bush administration. And maybe vandalism on the environment and, its a stretch, but murder could be thrown in there. But nothing covered in this article points to fraud or rape, and it seems to me like this is just libel intended on smearing the reputation of a public official, no matter his affiliation.

  • Devils Advocate

    Yeah but… you should really measure the deficit as a percentage of GDP, and in that regard Bush was pretty typical in terms of growing the debt.

  • Uhhh

    You pretty much pointed out the problem in your own post, you said "create jobs, build a more efficient infrastructure, and protect the environment…."

    I think a big problem a lot of conservatives have with this bill is that the democrats call this a "Economic Stimulus plan", but they are trying to push a lot more than just economic growth.

    The plan includes changes in health care as well as other things, some of which you mentioned in your post.

    They are trying to incorporate A LOT more than just economic stimulus and that just isn't right.

    The speed that they are trying to push this thing through with is scary as well. There hasn't been time for the media to even read the whole thing yet. And all this time Obama has been "Campaigning" for republican support. Why would he do this since he already has enough votes to pass the bill, but it is pretty clear that he wants the republicans on board so if this thing tanks, it won't hurt the dems in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

    I'm not saying the previous administration didn't mess things up as well, aka that 700 bn we spent last year which all but disappeared. This current package is not the answer though, and the fact that they are trying to push more than just money into the hands of the private sector is plain wrong.

    If you can build a bridge for 1 dollar, the government can build the same bridge for a billion dollars…and take 5 times as long to build it.

  • Dommo

    Wow, logic fail. . . Maybe learn to argue a point correctly?

  • JImmy Dolittle

    Wow dude that was totally awesome! Well done!