CO2 Isn’t Good for You…It’s GREAT!!! (cartoon)

  • Published on October 1st, 2009

Mean Joe Green #75: CO2 Isn’t Good for You…It’s GREAT!!!

It’s true! According to the very intelligent folks at CO2isgreen, who have direct ties to Oil and Coal industry big wigs, more CO2 is better for us!

The Oil and Coal industries both have unlimited amounts of money, the bulk of which–I am certain–goes to research and development to make this world a better, cleaner place. So if they start a campaign called CO2isgreen with ads stating well-researched facts such as, “Higher CO2 levels than we have today would help the earth’s ecosystems…” and “more CO2 results in a ‘greener’ earth.” then, doggummit, I believe them (and I’m sure Bill McKibben does as well)!

Scroll down please. This cartoon is two panels, one on top of the other.

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  • This is just like the corn syrup ads that came out a few years ago. Any ad paid for by the big corporations is likely a feeble attempt to shift public opinion, or, in the worst cases obfuscate the truth.

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