Success! BP’s Cap Holds, Oil Flow Halted. What’s Next?

  • Published on July 17th, 2010

BP deploys the capping stackBP concluded 48 hours of testing on the new cap over their busted well, and the results are good. The oil flow has stopped, pressure is stable, and there’s no evidence – so far – that the cap has blown a new leak in the underground well.

“As we continue to see success in the temporary halt of oil from the leak, the US government and BP have agreed to allow the well integrity test to continue another 24 hours,” said National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen in a statement.

“We’re watching every piece of data,” BP Vice President Kent Wells told reporters in a conference call earlier today. “We feel more comfortable that we have integrity.”

We’ve staunched the bleeding… now it’s time to get on with the long, hard work of healing the Gulf.

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