Berms Update: Coast Scientists Want Them Stopped

  • Published on July 21st, 2010


A group of coast scientists – experts who teach at universities from Maine to Hawaii – have drafted a letter to Incident Commander Thad Allen, calling on him to cancel the sand berms and other “massive re-engineering” projects.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal had championed the sand berms as a way of keeping oil off his state’s shores. But the experts have said from the beginning that the berms wouldn’t work, and produced photos last week showing them already washing away.

Highlights of the letter (full text at the end):

  • These projects will do little, if any, good.
  • They have a great potential to change the nature of the Gulf Coast in ways that… are likely to be more harmful than helpful
  • Environmental damage resulting from ill-conceived, poorly reviewed coastal engineering may become an additional, and unnecessary, byproduct of the spill
  • The sand berms will not last… and it is too far offshore to provide significant obstruction to oil

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