First State to Address Dangers of Fracking: Wyoming

  • Published on October 8th, 2010
Drilling for gas near Pinedale, Wyoming
Drilling for gas near Pinedale, Wyoming

(From our sister-blog, Ecolocalizer)

…Wyoming has just become the first state in the nation to enact regulations which now force petroleum companies to disclose all of the toxic compounds that they have been utilizing in a dangerous drilling technique called “fracking“, or hydraulic fracturing. Fracking is now threatening to pollute the collective water supply of our entire planet.

David Sirota has written an enlightening column about what Wyoming is trying to do to protect its citizens and groundwater from the dangers of hydraulic fracturing. Mr. Sirota explains a bit about what is at risk:

“From an ecological standpoint, fracking is inherently risky. Looking to pulverize gas-trapping subterranean rock, drillers inject poisonous solvents into the ground — and often right near groundwater supplies. That raises the prospect of toxins leaking into drinking water — a frightening possibility that prompted Wyoming’s regulatory move. Indeed, state officials acted after learning that various local water sources were contaminated by carcinogens linked to fracking.

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