Election 2010: Will GOP Victory Lead to Anti-Science Crusade?

  • Published on October 29th, 2010

Climate scientist Michael Mann had an op ed in the Washington Post, warning what we might have to look forward to if the Republicans take back the House of Representatives: two years of headline-grabbing anti-science “investigations” that will set this country back rather than move us forward into the 21st century.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has threatened that, if he becomes chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he will launch what would be a hostile investigation of climate science. The focus would be on e-mails stolen from scientists at the University of East Anglia in Britain last fall that climate-change deniers have falsely claimed demonstrate wrongdoing by scientists, including me.Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) may do the same if he takes over a committee on climate change and energy security.

My employer, Penn State University, exonerated meafter a thorough investigation of my e-mails in the East Anglia archive. Five independent investigations in Britain and the United States, and a thorough recent review by the Environmental Protection Agency, also have cleared the scientists of accusations of impropriety.

Global warming is only the beginning. With the ideologues holding the reigns of the GOP already talking about “no compromise” once they take control, expect the same on endangered species, clean energy/dirty coal, pesticides, GMOs, and a host of other issues. And it’s coming at the worst possible time.

Challenges to policy proposals for how to deal with this problem should be welcome — indeed, a good-faith debate is essential for wise public policymaking.

But the attacks against the science must stop. They are not good-faith questioning of scientific research. They are anti-science.

…My fellow scientists and I must be ready to stand up to blatant abuse from politicians who seek to mislead and distract the public. They are hurting American science. And their failure to accept the reality of climate change will hurt our children and grandchildren, too.

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About the Author

Jeremy Bloom is the Editor of RedGreenAndBlue. He lives in New York, where he combines his passion for the environment with his passion for film, and is working on making the world a better place.


  • You can blame the Republicans all you want for the failure or delay of your global warming agenda. You can accuse people who don’t agree with with you that they aren’t acknowledging the scientific aspects of your contention. However, there is one thing at least for me that’s true. I have not had enough flouride in my water to retard my brain, I have not watched enough PBS and mainstream TV to destroy my ability to critically think. I have not suffered enough from the effects of progressive education to be able to disavow my ability to objectively evaluate reality. Sorry, I was conceived from a different generation that had not succumbed to the educational influence of the Rockefeller Trust or the Carnegie Endowment.

    I was oriented early in the pollution awareness age. We were well educated about the effects of photosynthetic chemicals in the atmosphere that made sunsets more orange. We were made well aware of phosphates that made streams and rivers foam. However, the alternatives did not in anyway involve the massively restrictive and costly impositions on the quality of life along with taxes and higher energy costs that liberals will now vote for and willingly submit to, that it until they figure out that they have been had.

    Your scientific integrity is extremely suspect and globalist oriented when you tell me that abortion and sterilization are needed to control human population followed by other more police state oriented regulations. Telling me that I should curtail my travel, that I should live in a cramped and tiny stack’em and pack’em government ordained housing project along mass transit railing routes so I do without a car. I don’t need to eat meat, chicken, or fish because these industries are considered unsustainable. I should forget about dairy products too because cattle release methane into the atmosphere.God forbid I should have a dog, they create as much methane as an SUV so I might as well own a chicken then eat it if I get bored.

    There is no need for such drastic and draconian restrictions on the lives of hard working Americans, but you global warming pundits hate freedom and independence so you will advocated control over people’s lives. I’m sure you you know about
    Agenda 21 and how that effects ICLEI cities of the US in which US mayors signed off on the sovereignty of all American citizens?
    Well sure you have. Why not let foreign countries impose their will over the domestic affairs of America in violation of the US Constitution? You people won’t stop. No matter how many colder record setting winters we have, no matter how many more record rainfalls are recorded, no matter how many discovered data alterations you make in order to justify you flimsy politically motivated science. You want funding from the UN, your egos need recognition for your flawed theories, and you have an all consuming need to impose control over the lives of others. I don’t even pity you or have sympathy for your plight.

    I’ll tell you why. I hate government control. I detest those who feel that governments have answers and can be trusted, or can even do anything efficiently other than assess taxes and corrupt what ever process they are put in charge of and history is rife with such proof, but you people believe that you are any different from the charlatans of the past who have imposed socialistic control over the masses with little proof and brutal intentions to oppress all who disagree. This isn’t about unsympathetic conservatives or an uncaring world of unscientific fools who are too stupid to interpret your intrinsically imposed data. It is about your self delusional drive to force your agenda down the throats of free people who are unconcerned with your obsessive aliment, who are not trying to gain approval for some misguided notion, who just want to live without oppression, lies, and work hard so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor as our forefathers intended for us to do as a constitutional republic that must constantly beware of the liberal perversion of imposing faulty paradigms upon the honest and unsuspecting. You are the evil that infests the earth.It is that simple.

    • The problem with people like you is you want to be free… to piss in my yard. And take a dump in my living room.
      You can eat anything you want, no skin off my back. If you don’t like our suggestions for healthy and sustainable living, you can take your lifestyle advice from somebody else. But stop pretending you just invented your lifestyle on your own – you adopted it based on somebody else’s recommendations and ideas. You may not respect PBS or whatever, but what makes you think the idiots who force-feed you YOUR information have your best interests at heart? Maybe they’re just trailing to sell you something, too.
      Free people don’t shackle themselves to SUVs and then claim the folks offering an alternative are trying to tyrranize them somehow.
      But you don’t get to buy cheaper crap by having ME pay the cost to clean up the poisons it takes to MAKE your crap. Sorry, but YOU’re the one that has had a free lunch so far, and the rest of us are sick to death of your whining. You think it’s “free” to dump whatever toxic byproduct you have left over at the end of the day into my children’s drinking water. That’s what I mean when I say you don’t get to take a dump in my living room.
      As for the rest, feel free to say whatever you like. You can even post it here.

  • For the last 24 years of climate crisis warnings, the IPCC climate scientists have continued to agree that the overall consequences of Climate Change on the planet are still estimated to be anything from catastrophic and unstoppable warming, to negligible, if any effects, and may include more extreme weather events. Human contributions of CO2 into the atmosphere have dropped over the last several years of world economic downturn, Yet the CO2 levels continue to increase on the planet. The causes? Besides the great unknown, the missing link in understanding climate has always been causation, and the IPCC scientists now claim that the missing link of causation may have been found, Humanity. The public’s confusion is centered around they, themselves actually experiencing this climate crisis. As opposed to learning of reports of the crisis, on mountains, glaciers, jungles and polar caps, and far away from the source of the crisis, humanity. After 24 years of observations and study, the latest scientific evaluation from the IPCC is that extreme weather is now being forced by the influence of human’s CO2 pollution and thus the need for combating Climate Change now more than ever. Now all weather is influenced by human greenhouse emissions.
    Dissenting views and opposing views and alternative theories would stop all AGW/ CO2 research, an important part of media’s survivial,CO2 taxes, lifestyle sacrifice and an overall common purpose in the human population of virtually saving the planetary life from extinction. In other words, the gravest emergency for us. Removing the CO2 factor from the environmental equitation leaves us with energy issues, continued pollution management and the real cause humanity’s future problems, birth control.
    History is watching. We must decide soon.

  • Jeremy,
    Republican dominance would definitely lead to an anti-science climate as it did under Bush. Anti-science also does pretty well if “progressives” dominate. As a scientist, I only see selective “friends.” I would, honestly, include you in that group. Sorry.

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