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Published on November 8th, 2010 | by Jeremy Bloom


“Cool It” Documentary Re-examines the Inconvenient Truth of Global Warming

For years, Bjorn Lomborg was one of the leading climate skeptics. He even authored a book, “The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World“, on the subject.

Lomborg has since become a believer in global warming, but he has his own take on it: We’re focusing too much on fear and not enough on smarts. His latest book, “Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming“, has been made into a documentary that opens this Friday.

This film has been described as a rebuttal to Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth“, in that Gore pushed the fear angle, and turned a lot of people off.

“Global warming is real,” Lomborg told CBN News, “but it’s not the scary, end-of-all-things that it’s been made out to be in Al Gore’s film.”

His take:

  • We’re not going to sell this through fear. Scaring people isn’t working.
  • We’re not going to fix this by getting everyone to change their lightbulbs.
  • We’re talking about spending money on the wrong things. “If we only listen to worst-case scenarios, we are likely to be spending our money on the people who shout the loudest.” What we mostly need is a crash program for alternative energy development.

“[Fossil fuels] pollute, they cause a security problem and, fundamentally, there’s a lot of things that would be nicer if we could just simply produce energy off our rooftops or in our own backyards,” he says. “Or we could grow our own oil fields out in the sea with algae, for instance.”

So is Lomborg the savior of the climate movement or, as some critics have called him, “the devil incarnate”? We’ll have more coverage on this over the course of the week.

In the meantime, check out the trailer, or buy the book.

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14 Responses to “Cool It” Documentary Re-examines the Inconvenient Truth of Global Warming

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  3. Mike Haseler says:

    I’ve just come from looking at wattsupwiththat and read about another atrocious failure of basic data keeping: masses of temperature monitoring sites have their locations so inaccurate that the half-hearted attempts to compensate for Urban heating are totally useless in these cases. This is the last of a long series of glaringly obvious problems with temperature stations from simple things like stations being on heated flat roofs to apparent attempts to “upjust” the global temperature record by removing colder stations in favour of warmer ones.

    Then we have the way all the apparent “warming” just happens to coincide with a move from manual to automated equipment notwithstanding the reduction in atmospheric pollution due to the clean air legislation in the 1970s.

    All I know is that you won’t find any of this stuff on places like Wikipedia because people at the heart of climate “science” are trying to prevent the public knowing the real sloppy “science” that underpins this global warming stuff.

    If climate “science” were a hospital they’d shut it down today, but instead the world is being told it has to spend trillions on the say so of people who “loose” data when they get an Freedom on Information request.

    I’m a sceptic and any sane person who knew what was happening would be a sceptic!

    • Bud Swansen says:

      This has happened before! Cancer “scientists” waged war against tobacco, killing American jobs and ruining American farmers with scare tactics and falsified data. It’s an outrage that these liberal poindexters can hold American prosperity hostage with their “science”. The American mining and oil industry with all their billions should put a stop to it!

  4. Meme Mine says:

    How many climate scientists did it take to change a light bulb? NONE. But they did have consensus that it would change.
    Why wasn’t Climate Change ever regarded as the number one issue of prime importance to everyone since we were told climate change was to have been immanent death for the planet, as in SAVE THE PLANET?
    Why did we enjoy condemning our kids to their graves with CO2 death warrants and CO2 death threats? This is liberal love?
    Was it necessary to threaten my kids with death by CO2 just to get them to turn the lights out more often?
    Why were there thousands of more “consensus” scientists than protesters?
    Why did CO2 levels rise despite our contributing less with the world economic downturn?
    Wouldn’t the plants have shown effects long before the climate would shown effects?
    Why did the leftwing hope for the CO2 misery to really have happened and the rightwing discounted it as corrupt exaggerated and politicized science?

    • Mike Haseler says:

      Meme, haven’t you heard CO2 is a “greenhouse” gas so yah boo sucks there’s no need to prove anything and unless you agree with the “scientists” you are a climate-holocaust denier!

      1. Greenhouses work because they stop air moving
      2. CO2 also acts to help emit IR when it is high in the atmosphere and so could equally be called a “cooling gas”.
      3. Science is the proof by experimentation … not the opinion of people who call themselves scientists but have never ever put their crazy ideas to test.
      4. Denier is a measure of quality of yarn as used for tights and stockings

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