Global Warming: GOP Deniers Launch War on Science

  • Published on November 9th, 2010

With the majority of the GOP caucus in denial about climate change, there was talk during the campaign about abolishing the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

But it now looks like they’ll use it instead – as a platform to smear the EPA, the Obama admistration, and climate scientists.

Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), the ranking member who is set to chair the committee in the next Congress, says, “The threat of the EPA’s reach into the economy is so great that it deserves special attention this Congress, and no panel has developed more experience on these topics than the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. These regulations are moving quickly, but the oversight and subpoena power wielded by the Select Committee would put a tall hurdle in the path and would further expose the economic destruction these policies would bring.”

Representative Darryl Issa (R-CA), another anti-global warming crusader who is set to head the Oversight and Government Reform Commitee, says he intends to use that platform to undermine climate science.

Targets include:

  • Using the EPA’s clean air authority to regulate greenhouse gases
  • New vehicle emission standareds
  • New rules expected this year to tighten up pollution from utilities
  • Tightening rules on coal, oil, and other carbon fuels to fight global warming
  • The deepwater drilling moratorium (put in place after the Gulf Oil Disaster)
  • Investigating the evidence for global warming (the “climategate” controversy)

This appears to be pretty much a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” approach. On the one hand they say they want to target preparedness for the Gulf Oil Spill; on the other, they say they want to “declare war on the regulatory state.”

When Democrats took over the House in 2006, they made a point of NOT launching a string of divisive investigations into the Bush administration. But the Republicans have vowed to replay their tactics of the Clinton era, in which they used the House’s subpoena power to hamstring the administration and create a firestorm of negative publicity.

Meanwhile, scientists are vowing to fight back (see accompanying article)

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Jeremy Bloom is the Editor of RedGreenAndBlue. He lives in New York, where he combines his passion for the environment with his passion for film, and is working on making the world a better place.


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