Motor Trend Blasts Back at Rush Limbaugh Over Chevy Volt Dissing

  • Published on November 26th, 2010

Rush Limbaugh decided to shoot his mouth off about Motor Trend naming Chevy’s breakthrough electric car, the Volt, its Car of the Year. And they blasted back at him in no uncertain terms: Unlike you, they said, “We test, make judgments and write about things we understand.”

“Motor Trend magazine, that’s the end of them,” Rush bloviated. “How in the world do they have any credibility? Not one has been sold [and] the Volt is the Car of the Year.” (via Rawstory)

Why did he say that? Because it has come to this: When James Hansen says China is doing more than the U.S. for alternative energy, he’s “attacking America“. But the leader of the far right in this country can attack America, Americans, and American technology to his heart’s content. As long as it’s something supported by Democrats (like electric cars or high-speed rail) and there’s a partisan point to be scored then it doesn’t matter how good it is for the country or how many jobs it creates or how much impact it has on our energy independence.

The problem for Rush is this – he’s used to sniping at Democratic politicians and climate scientists, folks who aren’t used to sticking up for themselves. Motortrend, on the other hand, is an industry leading magazine, and they weren’t about to lie down in the middle of the road and let Limbaugh run over them.

Here’s what they posted this week:

All the shouting from you or from electric car purists on the left can’t distort the fact that the Chevy Volt is, indeed, a technological breakthrough. And it’s more. It’s a technological breakthrough that many American families can use for gas-free daily commutes and well-planned vacation drives. It’s expensive for a Chevy, but many of those families will find the gasoline saved worth it. If you can stop shilling for your favorite political party long enough to go for a drive, you might really enjoy the Chevy Volt. I’m sure GM would be happy to lend you one for the weekend. Just remember: driving and Oxycontin don’t mix.

They noted that both Rush and columnist George Will have attacked the volt for being supported by tax credits, as if that’s something that was invented in the past 15 minutes by a nefarious conspiracy of radicals.

When the tax-credit reality is this:

The $7,500 Obama tax credit is an expansion of President Bush’s hybrid credits from the last decade. The Obama tax credit extends to the new Nissan Leaf, too, but if you or Will slammed that car, I’ve not heard or read it. I’d be surprised if you did, though, as Nissan is building the Leaf in a non-union factory in a right-to-work state represented by two Republican senators. A factory located there because Tennessee offered Nissan big tax credits. Maybe you’re worried that if the $7,500 tax credit works, too many people will buy the Volt, and that could reduce the need for oil drilling tax credits?

It’s amazing how things change when we have a Democrat in the White House. Rampant amnesia sets in… and while the mainstream media played along, conveniently neglecting to point out that the tea-partiers were voting for Republicans because they opposed policies that had been put forward by… Republicans, Motor Trend isn’t about to let Rush drive them down that road:

It unveiled the Chevy Volt concept at the 2007 Detroit auto show. That means GM began working on it before the November 2006 elections, when the Republican Party had majorities in the House and Senate, before President Bush had signed a single veto. Bob Lutz, who famously decreed, “Global Warming is a crock of shit,” introduced the car two years before Bush gave GM its first bailout from TARP pocket change.

Perhaps President Obama should hire whoever penned that Motor Trend column as his new speachwriter.

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