Update: Bill McKibben on the tar sands pipeline protest

  • Published on August 30th, 2011

President Obama, YES YOU CAN stop the Keystone XL pipelineBy Bill McKibben

Apologies in advance, because I’m on the run. But I just wanted to provide people with a few updates:

  • 70 or so more people arrested today outside the White House, including Darryl Hannah, and a group of 30 Vermonters representing those trying to deal with the fallout from the greatest rainfall in the state’s history over the weekend.
  • Word from Minneapolis that President Obama, arriving to speak at the Legion convention in Minnesota, was greeted with a giant banner and a spirited delegation demanding he block the pipeline.
  • Our friends in Egypt, who know a thing or two about protests, delivered a letter and held a solidarity protest outside the Canadian consulate there.
  • And in South Africa, where they also know a little bit about struggles against the powerful, there are picket lines up outside the Canadian and American embassies..

This is starting to take on the kind of spontaneous uprising quality that marked, say, the early days of the Obama campaign. We sure hope he’s seeing the chance to see a red-letter signal to all the people who worked so hard and so joyfully for him in 2008. Thanks to everyone, and I will try and write a real update before long.

Oh, and I debated some guy on PBS Newshour last night; if I was technologically nimbler I’d put it up. But I thought it went pretty well, especially when he presented the pipeline as a good response to the fact that there are 45 million Americans on food stamps

Watch it at PBS NewsHour.

What you can do: 

More on the Keystone XL action and the Tar Sands:

(Photo: Erick Boustead via 350.org)

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  • “There would be no significant impacts to most resources along the proposed pipeline corridor,” Kerri-Ann Jones, the assistant secretary of the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, said in a statement.

    Note to Hansen: Don’t let the facts and the in-depth research slow your rant. How about joining the “Poodle” and the other spin masters of scientific data on global warming on your own dime? Not NASA’s. US citizens expect this from the Hollywad crowd and the Poodle. You know, the ones jetting to rallies while their limos idle and their 18,000 sq ft home(s) cause energy brownouts on the left coast. (BTW: Nice smile Daryl – you got some face time and street cred with the crowd)

    If / when the US thumbs its nose at this vital energy conduit, it WILL be built west to deliver the goods to China and others seeking what flows through the pipe. Our energy loss – their gain. Canada won’t sit on it.

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