House GOP plans new witch hunt over solar bankruptcy

  • Published on September 9th, 2011

Ed: It’s good for consumers when solar cell prices go down, but it makes it harder for solar manufacturers to turn a profit. With solar prices dropping 30% in the current recession, solar company Solyndra, a recipient of a large chunk of stimulus cash, nevertheless went bankrupt last week… and now House Republicans want to investigate.


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  • $500 million is a lot of money to waste when the nation is almost bankrupt. Yes the GOP are hypocrites and waste just as much money as the Dems – but that doesn’t change the fact the government threw $500 million down the toilet.

    To ask if you are going to be undercut by the Chinese and expect a ‘no’ is either insanity, stupidity or utter criminality. Take your pick and then type ‘globalization’ into google.

    I think you are wrong that the Democrats don’t want to kill the government and the Republicans do. Neither party will do anything to strip any real power away from the military and financial complexes and they certainly wont do anything to strip any of the governments power away. Some of these guys have said they believe that congress has the power to do anything it wants to do. They are on a GOD power trip. Left and right are two wings on the same bird of prey.

    That’s why nothing really changes, ever. That’s why the globalist agenda keeps going on strong. They will let you argue about gay rights and abortion forever, but try and talk either party out of war, banker boot licking or try and make either party get GE to pay more than ZERO in tax…no chance.

    Both parties are disgusting. I think you are forgetting America seriously does not have a spare $500 million lying around right now. If you want to see your money turn into toilet paper, keep allowing the government to spend it all on wars and crap. They only print up more destroying it’s value.

    All the wasteful spending has to be reigned in. The government does not belong in a free market and neither do corporations. The GOP likes to say free market a lot, but they believe in corporatism/democratic socialism/fascism – there is a blend going on. The Dems are no different. I say this as I don’t want you to think I am a GOP tea bagger free market idiot that hates healthcare but loves a good military industrial complex.

    Socialism sounds nice but there will never be a congress of King Arthur’s so pure at heart to control it. It falls into the hands of crooks and this is what we get. Bankruptcy and all our money stolen.

    Reality is solar cannot replace coal/oil – yet. Trying to force it isn’t going to work. It’s going to take some more time. The sky is not falling despite what ‘some’ IPCC scientists say. I personally do not think we are responsible for the weather. We are responsible for the island of rubbish, oil spills, radiation disasters etc…but not the weather. We have the time for renewable energies to improve.

    The world is not ending in 6 months and the cities will not be underwater. I personally think the secrets to free energy are known.

    A Stanford professor once said – “Giving the masses free energy is like giving a child as gun.”

    If the intellectual ruling class had free energy – they would not give it to us – energy is part of our slave chains.

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