Calvin and Hobbes explain Occupy Wall Street

  • Published on October 13th, 2011

Why do people not get Occupy Wall Street? Does anyone really believe that the banks are perfectly blameless, and the only problem with our economy is a bunch of slobs who are too lazy to work?

Even twenty years go, the problems inherent in American business could be easily reduced to a twelve-panel comic strip… and as usual, Calvin and Hobbes nails it perfectly. (via)

  1. Businesses want too much
  2. They blame “supply and demand” for their own excesses (while limiting the free market whenever it suits them)
  3. They’er delusional
  4. All decisions are driving by an extremely narrow view of shareholder benefits (short-term profits vs long-term growth)
  5. Management compensation is out of control
  6. … but management always blames employee salaries and benefits for high costs
  7. They cut corners and do shoddy work in the name of cost-cutting and “competitiveness”
  8. … but don’t want any kind of regulation
  9. They blame “socialists” and “anti-capitalists” for all their problems
  10. … then demand subsidies and tax breaks!

And this is from 20 years ago! (click on it for a larger version that’s easier to read)…


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