Why we occupy: The Story of Citizens United – Why Democracy Only Works When People Are In Charge

  • Published on October 15th, 2011

The story of citizens united vs FEC, or Democracy only works when the people are in charge

One thing keeps cropping up as people talk about Occupy Wall Street and  why they’re so angry: Corporations have complete dominance of the political process.  Thanks to the Supreme Court overturning 90 years of precedent and tossing out all restrictions on corporate political contributions, they can now spend unlimited amounts of money to elect or defeat any politician they choose.

Didn’t know that corporate campaign spending had been turned into a giant free-for-all? That was the Citizens United decision, which changed our political system in huge ways, and it’s why a lot of us are going out today and marching for a society in which people have as much say as corporations.

The folks who brought us “The Story of Stuff” have put together this sweet video that tells “The Story of Citizens United – Why Democracy Only Works When People Are In Charge”. Share it with all your friends – they’ll be shocked!

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