New action at Citibank to protest record profits (with video)

  • Published on October 20th, 2011

DC Citibank branch occupied

The Washington, DC arm of Occupy Wall Street Stop the Machine, a second national protest group that has been in DC alongside Occupy Wall Street the past couple of weeks, has called for a day of action against Citibank. At this hour the October2011 group has staged a protest at a DC branch with more than 40 protestors, and word is that some have once again been locked inside the branch and police have been called. We’ll see if DC police behave in a more civilized manner than NYPD.

Citibank, one of the largest recipients of bailout money, has nonetheless managed to pull off record profits, pay their executives huge amounts, and pay minimal taxes, which makes them a poster child for everything that Occupy Wall Street is protesting against.

The October2011 group has made this much more of an in-your face demonstration, unlike the New York City action Occupy Wall Street held last Saturday, which was designed to be polite and non-confrontational (and was nevertheless infiltrated by undercover NYPD cops who arranged for the demonstrators to be locked in the bank and arrested). These people are angry.

This branch is just a few blocks from the White House and the Treasury building, so maybe the action will get somebody’s attention.

We’ll provide updates as we get more information.

Citibank facts from October2011 (now with links, courtesy of  Horace Boothroyd III at DailyKos:


Stories on the earlier Citibank protest and arrests:

What can you do?

  • Join in Bank Transfer Day  on November 5th. Organizers are encouraging everyone to close out their accounts at the too-big-to-fail behemoths and voting with their feet by taking their deposits to local credit unions. “Remember, remember, the 5th of November…”
  • Call Citibank President Vikram Pandit and tell him to stop arresting his customers.  He told Fortune magazine he’d be happy to talk to Occupy Wall Street! His office line is (212) 793-1201, and his email address is, or on Twitter @askCiti
  • Take the pledge – tell us in comments if you’re going to close your Citibank (or Bank of American) account on Today! Take your business to a good local credit union or bank. Find a local credit union .
  • Find out about your local Occupy events happening today via Occupy Together 

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