Which banks are the worst? Royal Bank of Canada funds tar sands

  • Published on October 24th, 2011

tar sands - like going from middle earth to mordor

The Rainforest Action Network named the Royal Bank of Canada last year’s most environmentally and socially irresponsible company. Without RBC funding, the tar sands project – one of the most environmentally devastating projects on the planet – wouldn’t be going forward. (See: It’s not jobs vs environment – it’s clean jobs vs dirty jobs“)

As activist Eriel Deranger explains in the video, the tar sands is so horrific it is literally taking a country as green and fertile as Middle Earth and turning it into the blasted devastation of Mordor. Or as NASA scientist James Hansen says, if the tar sands program keeps cranking out high-CO2 petroleum at this rate, it’s “Game over” for the world’s climate.

Here’s a video explaining the trouble with the tar sands, and RBC’s role:

What can you do?

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More on tar sands and the fight to prevent the Keystone XL pipeline that would transmit tar sands oil through the US:


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