Highways to Hell: As funds dry up, WY is first state to end road expansion

  • Published on December 1st, 2011

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It’s official. Wyoming’s Department of Transportation says it is no longer in the business of expanding the state’s highway system.

The money just isn’t there. They’re going to put what resources they have into attempting to keep the existing roads repaired.

As the DC Streets blog reports:

“We’re beginning to look at our transportation system from a maintenance perspective rather than [as] a highway improvement program,” WYDOT Director John Cox told the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

With these changes, Cox said the agency would enter “kind of a survival mode,” but he acknowledged it only “staves off the inevitable” — the continued deterioration of the road system, unless additional funds can be found.

DC Streets, which has been following this issue agressively, notes this is just the latest blow to what James Howard Kunstler calls “The Era of Happy Motoring”:

  • Congress is two years late in passing a transportation reauthorization
  • The recession has crippled state budgets
  • The Highway Trust Fund is nearly broke
Which has led states to slash budgets:
Ironically, solutions are also being ignored or cut:

Read the whole thing at DC Streets

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