Monsanto’s GMO bt sweet corn comes to Walmart

  • Published on February 29th, 2012

Typically, food conscious individuals can go into a store and choose to avoid products containing high fructose corn syrup, along with foods that are not up to their standard of natural, whole, and organic. Walmart has made substantial progress to include organic products, responding to consumer demands, but this summer Walmart plans to offer America’s families Monsanto’s Bt-genetically modified corn.

Bt-Sweet Corn is untested on humans and the pesticide poses unknown risks. But because the product isn’t labeled as genetically modified (GMO), no one will be able to make an informed choice (demand and supply).

Furthermore, this type of corn will be considered a vegetable (keep in mind that now days the FDA considers pizza a vegetable), as opposed to the traditional label of corn as a grain.

Monsanto’s corn is genetically modified to use bt-toxins and works to form “Cry” crystal toxins. Bt (B. thuringiensis) is closely related to B. anthracis, the cause of anthrax. The Cry proteins are toxic to moths and butterflies, whereas the cytolysin (Cyt) proteins are toxic to beetles and flies. Bt-toxins are activated by the digestive juices inside the insect, killing it by causing severe damage to stomach cells.

Most of the GMO corn that is currently consumed is hyper-refined before being packaged and sold. Already, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has produced devastating results of diabetes and obesity in American and other regions of the world. Who knows what result a genetically modified product (without a label for customers to decide if they are willing to take the risk in the first place) will do in its raw state?

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  • Jazmyn

    Gmo foods cause cancer, infertility and death. Yet they poison us still. Im not eating this crap and neither will my children. I am boycotting walmart and their ilk.

  • chivalry

    cat kong rulez

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  • Hi Shawnell – I’m Dianna Gee and I’m a member of Walmart’s Corporate Communications team. I thought it was important to comment to let you and your readers know that we currently have no plans to source this product. We’re committed to food safety and we will continue to provide our customers with safe, quality food for their families.

    • Steve Savage

      That is too bad. This corn would make it far easier for sweet corn growers to raise this delicious crop for us. Instead they have to spray it over and over again during the entire silking period to keep the worm out. Its not a residue issue for the consumer because the corn is husked, but its no fun for the farmers. Bt is something we have all been eating for decades, particularly if you eat Organic crops.

    • stacey

      thank you

  • Betty

    Will it be labeled to let us know if it is monsanto;s corn or do we just not buy any corn at all, is it fresh corn or in the can.

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  • Without labeling we lose the ability to track the impact of GMOs. Over 90% of the population wants transparency in labeling. Tell Walmart and the other major grocery chains that as a customer, you demand transparency.

  • shawnelltolliver

    True, Bt has been used on organic foods for decades, however spraying Bt only kills the pests once they emerge from the corn stock as adult insects. Monsanto has genetically modified the plant to kill the larva insects that feed from inside the stock. The main concern here is Walmart will be selling Monsanto’s product without labeling it as GMO, advertising it as organic.

    • scawt

      Man I’m gonna steer clear of Wal Mart

  • Steve savage

    Bt has been extremely widely used on Organic for decades. Sweet corn is probably the most local vegetable crop. However it has to be sprayed for worms over and over If you really care about local farmers you should promote by sweet corn