Published on July 6th, 2012 | by Jeremy Bloom


Coal trains derail, two deaths so far. Tell ’em we don’t need more coal trains!

No matter how much Big Coal tries to reassure us that they’re perfectly safe, this week it became clear that coal trains – to export US coal to China! – should not be part of our clean energy future.
beyond coal - just say no to more coal export trains

Three derailments happened this past week, including one that caused at least two deaths. Why now?

“Record high temperatures and coal dust undermine the integrity of train tracks and are known to cause derailments,” says Laura Stevens of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, “It’s so bad the railroads have been fighting to get Big Coal to reduce coal dust pollution from their trains.”

The Sierra Club has a site up where you can urge the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a serious review of the safety issues before they even think of approving these dangerous and unnecessary routes.

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