Romney Mentions Climate Change in Convention Speech…For Laughs

  • Published on September 1st, 2012

It was a strange night at the Republican National Convention in Florida, what with Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair.

But stranger still?  The biggest laugh line (yes, he got a laugh) from Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech came from mentioning climate change, specifically President Obama’s attempt at alleviating its effects.

“President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans — [pauses for audience laughter(!)] — and to heal the planet. MY promise is to help you and your family.”

HAHAHAHAHA…oh, that’s rich.

Nothing funnier than the prospect of rising seas…especially for residents of Florida (Republicans love irony), nonetheless, the crowd went wild with laughter at the thought that the leader of their country felt the prospect of environmental disaster was worthy of his attention.

Republicans hate science.  In 2011, 31 Republicans (out of…31) on the House Energy and Commerce Committee united in rejecting the scientific consensus that climate change was both real and mostly a result of human activities.  Texas Governor Rick Perry feels climate change is an unproven theory, as does Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.  These views are reflected in their supporters:  more than 50% of Republicans and 70% of Tea Partiers see no “solid evidence” of global warming.  Sometimes, of course, the veil of climate science denial is pulled…like when Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), ranking member of the Senate Environment Committee, told Rachel Maddow:  “I thought it must be true until I found out what it cost.”

Yeah…just let that sink in for a moment.

Don’t expect the Romney-Ryan ticket to embrace science either.  Mitt Romney’s team has already declared facts to be Public Enemy No. 1 for their candidate’s prospects for winning the presidency.   Said Neil Newhouse, pollster for Mitt Romney, “We’re not going let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

Ahhhh…Republican politicians.

(Photo credit Attribution Some rights reserved by Gage Skidmore)

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