In Cali, big organic brands supporting Monsanto on GMO labeling

  • Published on October 10th, 2012

bad corporate organic companies oppose prop 37California’s right-to-know ballot initiative, Prop 37, continues to lead in the polls. For some reason, consumers think it’s a good idea to require manufacturers to label which foods contain Genetically Modified (GMO) ingredients, so they can decide for themselves what they want to put into their bodies.

So why would healthy organic brands like Odwalla, Horizon Dairy, Naked Juice and Santa Cruz Organic – brands that because of their organic certification aren’t even allowed to contain any GMOs – be spending millions of dollars trying to DEFEAT their customers right to know?

Because of who owns them. Big agribusiness is terrified of right-to-know, on the sensible justification that consumers won’t BUY their conflakes, tortillas, or soy milk if they find out it’s full of GMO crap that may cause them major health problems. For some reason, Americans don’t want to be used as guinea pigs in the biggest human subject experiment in history – and they don’t want their kids to be guinea pigs either.

As right-t0-know supporter Stonyfield Farm notes,

What Prop 37 is advocating at the state level, and what Just Label It is promoting at the federal level, is that Americans deserve the same rights already held by citizens in nearly 50 other nations, including all of the European Union, Russia, China and all of our major trading partners. It is certainly ironic that our country, which so proudly champions the cause of individual freedom and civil liberty around the world, does not grant our citizenry a basic right granted by all of these other countries.

The Cornucopia Institute has a lovely graphic (pdf) that tells you which companies are putting the dollars YOU spend on THEIR organic foods into blocking YOUR right to know.

What can you do about it? As  writes at out sister blog, Eat Drink Better, you can vote with your wallet:

You can use your big green purse to support (buy) good brands and avoid (don’t buy) bad brands. Don’t stop there.  Use your blogs and your tweets to call out these bad brands. I’ve created a Twitter list, Bad Organic Brands, so you can send tweets to each one telling them to stop funding the “No to Prop 37″ campaign.  Don’t forget, your big green purse and your social media leverage is truly powerful.

You can also donate to help the Prop 37 team mobilize and get out the vote.

And you can print out this poster (pdf)  and put it on your fridge, and help to determine your shopping decisions. Because frankly, one of the  points of buying Organic is living sustainably… and putting your dollars into the coffers of Kellog or Coca Cola isn’t exactly supporting across-the-board healthy policies for the planet.

Wouldn’t you rather put your money into small, family-owned companies that are fully on our side, like Pacific Foods, Sunfood, and Stoneyfield Farm?



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