Romney’s Final Debate

  • Published on October 22nd, 2012

There are less than 3 weeks to go before election day.

The final debate is tonight. The audience, is huge.

The first debate turned what looked like a Barack Obama steamroller into an uncomfortable (for those of us cheering on the steamroller) horse race, with Romney polling higher than Obama nationally for most of the time since, and spreading bright crimson over a once deep blue electoral map (minus the stubborn South, of course).

The second debate was a clear Obama win…unless you’re a republican, in which case it was a Candy Crowley-assisted Obama win.  HOWEVER, although Obama retains a small edge in most electoral maps (including Nate Silver’s fivethirtyeight, quite possibly the best of the bunch), the race is essentially “even Steven” as of this morning.

Yes, that’s right…50/50 that Mitt Romney is the next President of the United States…

Tonight’s final debate is on foreign policy, a topic that Obama lives on a daily basis, and one that Mitt Romney has been seriously pondering…ever since he starting preparing for tonight’s debate.

Here are some fun facts (watch out, Republicans!) about Mitt Romney and foreign policy:

  1. Mitt Romney’s foreign policy team is composed of  extreme-right veterans of the Bush/Cheney administration: neoconservative imperialists, Iraq War hawks, and torture policy supporters, including former (for a couple of weeks) ambassador to the United Nations and current Fox News contributor John Bolton, whose greatest contribution to foreign policy seems to be calling for the destruction of the United Nations building in New York.
  2. Mitt Romney thinks Russia is America’s “number one geopolitical foe”…you know, because its 1980, right?
  3. Mitt Romney’s foreign policy seems to have no real consistency over even a small period of time…particularly on Iraq.  You see, he was against the withdrawal before he was for it (when it seemed to go relatively smoothly).  Consistency…important?
  4. In a “plan” sure to affect foreign policy (How? You decide!!), Mitt Romney wants to increase military spending by $2 trillion over the next 10 years…despite calls from the military itself for less than $500 billion over the same period.  Take a look at how our military spending (approximately 41% of the total for the entire world) compares to other countries.

But never mind all that.  What’s important is the Barack Obama “Apology Tour“! (no such thing, never happened, good luck with that one, Mitt.)

Let’s watch President Obama take him to school.

Happy debating!

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