Do Americans Think They’re Helping the Environment?

  • Published on February 11th, 2013

Americans are very concerned about going green and taking steps to reduce global warming and helping the environment.

But going green can be expensive, which is why so many families are trying to figure out how they can afford the greener measures they want to put in place.  This is one of the reasons why so many cities and even states are  taking measures to do more (to reduce the burden that individuals are currently carrying).  Here are a few of them.

New Hampshire: Pay as You Throw

New Hampshire’s Governor is also concerned about how much perfectly usable and recyclable materials people are putting into the trash. This is why the state has adopted the Pay as You Throw program.

The idea is that, instead of paying a flat monthly fee for your trash, you pay for only what you throw away. You buy specific trash bags at the grocery store to use in your home and then put those out by the curb the same way that you would a trash can and the city picks it up. The money you spend on the bags pays for the pickup, sort of like a monthly fee would. In this case, though, you only pay for how much you actually toss out. Not every city in the state has adopted the program but more are taking advantage of it every day.

New Jersey’s State-wide Green Power Program

New Jersey is hoping to incentivize business owners to use renewable energy to power their buildings and businesses. The state is working with both the clean energy suppliers and existing power companies to put in place a program that allows business owners to choose to power their properties with renewable energy—without having to switch power providers or foot any of the cost that would come from switching over from one power company to another. The state’s office of Clean Energy is going to oversee the program to make sure that standards (environmental, financial and ethical) are met.

Portland, Oregon: Composting

In addition to a city-wide trash pickup and recycling pickup program, the city of Portland has started a city-wide composting program. The initiative was met with initial resistance, but has since become a success.

Every home in the city was furnished with a small, indoor, receptacle for compostable materials. Multi-family buildings were also outfitted with larger, trash can sized composting bins. Every week, the city sends a truck around to empty the containers, which get put out alongside trash and recycling. It doesn’t cost people anything to take advantage of this service, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the service will make a dent in your online savings account interest rates. The idea is to reduce the amount of trash being sent to landfills and the city is happy to foot the bill for that. Other parts of the country have also gotten into composting pickup like Athens, Georgia.

There are lots of ways that entire cities and states are getting in on the “going green” bandwagon. These are just a few of the initiatives that are happening across the country. How many are happening in your state?

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