Action! bill mckibben talks divestment at NYU to fight global warming

Published on February 12th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


Fight global warming – hit the fossil fuel companies in their wallets

bill mckibben talks divestment at NYU to fight global warmingThere’s a growing movement to battle global warming by encouraging progressive institutions such as colleges and universities to vote with their wallets by cutting climate-wrecking fossil fuel companies from their investment portfolios. In this report from our sister site Planetsave, Bill McKibben talks about the progress we’re making…

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Gains Steam In New York: Bill McKibben At NYU (via Planetsave)

The fossil-fuel university divestment campaign, started by the international climate change organization, is gaining momentum, as over two hundred student groupshave now formed official campaigns on campuses across the United States. This week, author, activist, and founder Bill McKibben…

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