As bees die, conservative farmers learn environmentalists were right all along

  • Published on March 29th, 2013

bee movie

Without bees, farmers are screwed.

And now, with more bees dying than ever, farmers are finally starting to actually look at what us crazy radical environmentalists have been saying all along… and realizing that we were actually on their side. And knew what we were talking about.

But Mr. Adee [the South Dakota owner of the nation’s largest beekeeping company], who said he had long scorned environmentalists’ hand-wringing about [pesticide use in crops], said he was starting to wonder whether they had a point.

Of the “environmentalist” label, Mr. Adee said: “I would have been insulted if you had called me that a few years ago. But what you would have called extreme — a light comes on, and you think, ‘These guys really have something. Maybe they were just ahead of the bell curve.'”

In case you’ve missed the story, it appears that a particular class of pesticides (known as neo-nicotinoids) has been devastating not just to pests, but also to the honeybees that farmers rely on to pollinate everything from apples to almonds. But agribusiness has resisted any reduction in pesticide use, even as they’ve faced increased costs because of the bee die-off.

Sad that it took them this long to come around… but hopefully now we can work together to do something about this, before it’s completely too late…


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