Watch day 3 of Natroots Nation 2013 – With Sen Merkley, Speaker Pelosi

  • Published on June 22nd, 2013

Want the absolute cutting-edge scoop on what’s happening right now in progressive politics – the environment, labor issues, women’s Netroots Nation 2013 - Dailykosissues, LGTBQ, and political organizing in general?

Several thousand progressive activists, bloggers, politicians, organizers, and average folks are gathering today in San Jose for the 2013 Netroots Nation conference. And you can follow much of it live in realtime.

It’s all organized by DailyKos, the national progressive hub. Here’s what’s going on:


Netroots Nation 2013 - DailykosThey’re streaming all of the keynote sessions and several of the panel rooms live each day during the convention.

Today’s schedule:

Here’s today’s live broadcast schedule from Netroots Nation 2013 in San Jose, California. To tune in, simply click the link for the room in which the conference session is being held. (Times are Pacific.)

Room 210 AE and Main Exhibit Hall [Watch Live]
• 9:00amComprehensive Immigration Reform: Where We Stand and What’s Next (Exhibit Hall)
• 10:30amLessons from the Least Horrible Super PACs of 2012 (Panel)
• 12:00pmAsk the Leader (Exhibit Hall)
• 1:30pmHow We Used the Internet to Help Win the Presidential Election (Panel)
• 3:00pmNever Too Early: Q&A on the 2014 Elections and Lessons from 2012 (Panel)
• 4:30pmClosing keynote: Ignite at Netroots Nation (Exhibit Hall)

Room 210 BF [Watch Live]
• 10:30amMis-Education of Bloggers: What You Don’t Know About Education Reform and Communities of Color (Panel)
• 1:30pmStopping the Next Depression: Banks are Still too Big to Fail (Panel)
• 3:00pmBuilding a Productive Partnership Between Tech and the Progressive Community/em> (Panel)

Room 210 CG [Watch Live]
• 10:30amThe California Comeback: How Progressives Stopped California’s Decline (Panel)
• 1:30pmDisarming the NRA: Debunking Misinformation on Guns and Gun Violence (Panel)
• 3:00pmReclaiming Family Values from the Right (Panel)

Room 210 DH [Watch Live]
• 10:30amArtists for Justice: How Artists are Transforming the Narrative on Immigration and Equality (Panel)
• 1:30pmSo You Want to Be a Pundit? Women Progressives on the Keys to Success (Panel)
• 3:00pmOrganizing Support for Abortion Rights in Hostile Territory (Panel)

Click here to view the schedules of sessions that will be streamed and to watch online.

They’ll be updating keynote pages with tweets, video and photos from the sessions as they happen.


Each year Netroots Nation has a strong presence on Twitter. Many sessions take live feedback from the Twitter stream; speakers often post presentations and video there; and you can generally stay up to date on all the action. Follow Netroots Nation and #NN13. You can also get some great behind the scenes insights by following NN staffers@ravenb@nolan and @merickles.

They’ll be updating their website frequently with clips, previews and highlights, significant media coverage, photos and more, so check back often.


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Jeremy Bloom is the Editor of RedGreenAndBlue. He lives in New York, where he combines his passion for the environment with his passion for film, and is working on making the world a better place.