Why is the US government pushing other countries to buy GMOs?

  • Published on July 2nd, 2013


Our sister blog, Eat Drink Better, notes with disgust the way our tax dollars are being spent to basically shill for Monsanto and their GMO food products overseas.

“A new report reveals U.S. government officials routinely acted as PR reps for Monsanto, to ‘twist the arms’ of small countries in order to sell biotechnology products around the world,” Notes Tanya Sitton at EDB.

It’s not too surprising, really – as we wrote here on RGB, President Obama’s choice for his chief trade negotiator was  Islam “Isi” Siddiqui, the vice president for science and regulatory affairs at CropLife America, the U.S. agricultural/chemical industry trade group (which includes Dow AgroSciences LLCDuPont Crop Protection, and of course, Monsanto). (See: Monsanto employees in the halls of government.)

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Wikileaks dumped a whole bunch of diplomatic cables, and Truthdig sorted through the carnage. What they found:

 American ambassadors are pushing genetically modified products by “twisting the arms of countries,” actively lobbying foreign governments to enact pro-biotechnology policies and waging a vast public relations campaign to improve the image of the biotech industry.

Many countries have pushed back – Europe has stood very firm against any GMO food imports as well as turning their farms over to Monsanto’s mix of GMO seeds and toxic chemicals. But smaller countries find it harder to resist.

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