Italy kicks out Monsanto’s GMO corn. US can’t even get LABELLING.

  • Published on July 23rd, 2013

Italy’s Agriculture Ministry is looking to ban one of Monsanto’s last legal genetically modified (GMO) crops in Europe. Backed by two no Monsanto crop circleother ministries and riding a wave of 80 percent public support, the only question is – what has Italy got that we haven’t got?

Nation of Change reports:

decree has been signed which will ban Monsanto’s MON810 maize, one of the two genetically modified crops currently legally grown in Europe and sold commercially. The decree is not yet binding as it has to be published in the official gazette, but the public stands behind the three Italian ministers who put forth the document with a resounding 80% against GMO and Monsanto, as evidenced in a public survey.

The agricultural ministry rightfully addressed one of many problems with Monsanto’s GMO crops, stating that they have a ‘negative impact on biodiversity.’

Why is Europe able to do this, while we can’t even get a basic “right to know” labelling of GMO foods? Possibly because in Europe, big corporate money doesn’t totally dominate the political system….



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