What if God came back? Louis CK explains climate change to the Christians

  • Published on August 10th, 2013

Louis CK explains climate change to ChristiansComedian Louis CK has this simple (if slightly profanity-filled) explanation for our Christian brethren about climate change.

We’ve all heard the argument – “But God gave us the Earth to use, so we’re using it.”

Louis CK explains climate change to Christians“If you believe God created the Earth for you,” Louis says, incredulously, “why would you not have to look after it?”

(Note: lots of profanity follows)

What would God say if he came back and found what a mess we’ve made… of everything?

“What the fuck did you do?”, his God intones. “I gave this to you, motherfucker. Are you crazy?”

If you agree that God didn’t give us this beautiful Earth so that we could totally trash the place while making a quick buck off of it, please do share this with your friends… 😀


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