USDA approves fecal-burger (Part 3)

  • Published on September 10th, 2013

And we’re back to the definition of insanity again. Even though a USDA pilot program has resulted in stomach-turning health and safety violations, our government is marching forward with the plan to let meat companies inspect themselves.

Because really, if it takes a little feces and salmonella (or a lot) to jump-start healthy corporate profits and executive bonuses, it’s your patriotic duty to wolf down that fecal-burger.

… three of these plants were among the 10 worst offenders in the country for health and safety violations, with serious lapses that included failing to remove fecal matter from meat, according to a report this spring by the USDA inspector general. The plant with the worst record by far was one of the five in the pilot program.

In these cases, the contaminated meat did not leave the plants because it was caught by government inspectors once it reached the end of the processing line. But federal officials consider this too late in the process and repeatedly cited the plants for serious safety failures.

And not only is it not working in the US – it doesn’t work anywhere! A similar program in Australia and Canada has led to millions of pounds of tainted meat being turned back at the border once it was finally tested.

The alternative – simply stop testing – may seem like a great idea to the meat packers, but I’m guessing will not go over well with the public… at least not once thousands of people start getting sick.



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