Obama heads to Alaska to ring the alarm bell on climate change

  • Published on August 13th, 2015

By Jeremy Bloom

President Obama is taking the climate change battle to the front lines in Alaska, where the disruption and obama-alaska-trip-logo destruction of global warming is at its most visible.

As the President himself points out in the accompanying video, “Climate change once seemed like a problem for future generations. But for most Americans, it’s already a reality. Deeper droughts, longer wildfire seasons, some of our cities even flood at high tide.”

He goes on to list the ways Alaska is suffering:

  • Glaciers are melting.
  • The hunting and fishing upon which generations have depended — for their way of life, and for their jobs — are threatened.
  • Storm surges once held at bay now endanger entire villages.
  • As Alaskan permafrost melts, some homes are even sinking into the ground.
  • The state’s God-given natural treasures are at risk.

“Because what’s happening in Alaska isn’t just a preview of what will happen to the rest of us if we don’t take Collapsing glaciers highlight the reason for President Obama's trip to alaskaaction,” the President points out. “It’s our wake-up call. The alarm bells are ringing. And as long as I’m President, America will lead the world to meet this threat — before it’s too late.”

You can follow along at WH.gov/Alaska

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About the Author

Jeremy Bloom is the Editor of RedGreenAndBlue. He lives in New York, where he combines his passion for the environment with his passion for film, and is working on making the world a better place.