Paul Ryan’s plan: Screw clean energy

  • Published on October 21st, 2015

Paul Ryan hates green energy. License Some rights reserved by Gage SkidmoreBy Andrew Meggison

[This was originally published as part of our coverage of the 2012 election. With Paul Ryan back in the news, we thought we’d remind everyone of how monumentally lousy Paul Ryan is on clean energy…]

Paul Ryan is the new face of the Grand Old Party (GOP) these days; so Gas2 felt it would be helpful to see where Vice Presidential nominee Ryan stands on alternative fuels. As it turns out, this new face has some old ideas about American energy. (Originally published at our sister-blog, Gas2.)

New Face, Old Ideas

Vice Presidential picks matter these days so it is important to know where they stand on the issues – and for Gas2 the issue is alternative fuel.

In March of 2012 Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, acting as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, passed a budgetary plan that would, “immediately terminate all programs that allow government to play venture capitalist with taxpayers’ money”. This was a clear shot across the bow of the Obama administration’s goal of supporting the green technology field. The Ryan budget also backed opening up new lands and waters to oil and gas drilling and eliminating Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

Additionally, the 2013 budget resolution retained a decade’s worth of oil tax breaks worth close to $40 billion, while cutting funding for investments in clean energy research, development, deployment, and commercialization. The plan called for a $3 billion cut in energy programs in fiscal year 2013 alone. [CAP, 3/20/12]

Beyond the budget

Paul Ryan currently holds a 0% rating by The Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) with CAF citing his resistance to American energy independence. As for the alternative fuels in the auto industry, well, Ryan’s view is that the automaker bailout was an abused process to force new fuel standards on the industry. (Apr 2012)

And there are plenty more votes where Ryan has made is stance on alternative fuels clear:

  •  Ryan voted in favor of H.R. 910, introduced in 2011 by Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) to block the U.S. EPA  from regulating greenhouse gas pollution. [Roll Call 249, 4/7/11]
  • Ryan voted in favor of Scalise (R-LA) Amendment 204 to the 2011 Continuing Resolution, to eliminate the assistant to the president for energy and climate change, the special envoy for climate change (Todd Stern), and the special adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation. [Roll Call 87, 2/17/11]
  • Ryan voted in favor of Biggert (R-IL) Amendment 192 to the 2011 Continuing Resolution, to eliminate the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency. [Roll Call 55, 2/17/11]
  • In 2011, Ryan voted to roll back light bulb efficiency standards that significantly reduce energy waste and carbon pollution. [Roll Call 563, 7/12/11]

See you at the polls in November.

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Andrew Meggison was born in the state of Maine and educated in Massachusetts. Andrew earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and International Relations from Clark University and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Northeastern University. Being an Eagle Scout, Andrew has a passion for all things environmental. In his free time Andrew enjoys writing, exploring the great outdoors, a good film, and a creative cocktail. You can follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewMeggison


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