Climate change will affect us for 10,000 years. But it hasn’t had 10 minutes in the debates

  • Published on February 13th, 2016

By Meteor Blades

I thought that maybe, just maybe, since we had climate change denier Kimberly Strassel of The Wall Street climate change heads in the sand election 2016Journal on board as one of the Republican debate moderators tonight we might get a question on the subject for the candidates.

But no.

Still a non-issue.

The greatest worldwide crisis since modern humans emigrated from Africa continues to be ignored in the debates, both Democratic and Republican. Doesn’t matter whether it’s MSNBC, CNN, CBS or Foxaganda supplying the moderators.

Every one of them should be flushed.

(Originally appeared at Dailykos.)

About the Author

Meteor Blades is a writer and contributing editor at DailyKos. He believes there is something profoundly wrong with our system. - the unchecked accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of a very small group of corporate business interests has contributed to the wholesale corruption of our political system. For an understanding about the level of corruption in our country, he encourages you to view these two PBS documentaries: (1). ,The Untouchables; (2) The United States of ALEC.