Bernie Sanders sweeps! Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii caucus results

  • Published on March 28th, 2016

By Jeremy Bloom

It was a good day for Bernie Sanders. He was expected to do well in today’s caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington, but he blew out expectations with more bernie sanders rides the wave into the Hawaii caucusthan 70% of the vote,  and finished with a wide lead that allowed him to gain some ground on Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead.

The bad news: It doesn’t take a lot to win in Alaska. Check out those numbers: 440 to 99. Yes, that’s the actual vote total. You’d find more voters waiting on line at the average Arizona precinct than in the entire state of Alaska.

That’s why Sanders, with his high-energy, younger voters has done well in caucuses; the bad news, is, he’s just about run OUT of caucuses. The states coming up are big primary states like New York and California, where he’s had a harder time getting the broad electorate to #FeeltheBERN.

Alaska Caucus:

Sanders – 440 – 81.6% – 13 delegates
Clinton – 99 – 18.4% – 4 delegates

Hawaii Caucus:

Sanders – 23,530 – 68.8% – 17 delegates
Clinton – 10,125 – 30% – 8 delegates

Washington Caucus: (Note: Delegates are estimated. You’ll find some outlets ONLY listing the allocated delegates – 25 to 14 – but that significantly underestimates the size of Sanders’ win, a likely net gain of 48.)

Sanders – 19,159 – 72.7% – 73 delegates
Clinton – 7,140 – 27.1% – 28 delegates

Coming up:

April 5: Wisconsin (open primary, narrow Hillary lead, 96 dels.)
April 9: Wyoming (caucus, likely Sanders blowout, 18 dels.)
April 19: New York (closed primary, Hillary lead, 291 dels.)
April 26: Connecticut (closed primary, Hillary lead, 70 dels.)
– Delaware (closed primary, Hillary lead, 31 dels.)
– Maryland (closed primary, Hillary lead, 118 dels.)
– Pennsylvania (closed primary, Hillary lead, 210 dels.)
– Rhode Island (closed primary, Hillary lead, 33 dels.)
May 3: Indiana (open primary, Hillary lead, 92 dels.)
May 7: Guam (closed caucus, Sanders lead, 12 dels.)
May 10: West Virginia (mixed primary,  34 dels.)
May 17: Kentucky (closed primary, Hillary lead, 61 dels.)
– Oregon (closed primary, neck and neck, 73 dels.)
Jun 4: Virgin Islands (Open Caucus, Sanders lead, 12 dels.)
Jun 5: Puerto Rico Caucus (Open Caucus, Sanders lead, 67 dels.)
Jun 7: California (mixed primary, Hillary lead, 546 dels.)
– Montana (open primary, 27 dels.)
– New Jersey (mixed primary, Hillary lead, 142 dels.)
– New Mexico (closed primary, Hillary lead, 43 dels.)
– North Dakota (closed caucus, Sanders lead, 23 dels.)
– South Dakota (closed primary, 25 dels.)
Jun 14: District of Columbia (closed primary, Clinton lead, 46 dels.)

About the Author

Jeremy Bloom is the Editor of RedGreenAndBlue. He lives in New York, where he combines his passion for the environment with his passion for film, and is working on making the world a better place.