Shit Trump supporters say – Daily Show video

  • Published on August 19th, 2016

By Jeremy Bloom

What kind of people do we want in America? Only great American people! Fortunately, Donald Trump has a solution:

“We should only admit into this country people who share our values and respect our people. I call it Extreme Vetting. I call it EXTREME. EXTREME vetting.”

Yes, he really talks like that. It’s right on the video.

What kind of values is he talking about? In his own words, we don’t want people with “extreme views about religion… oppression of women, gays, and non-believers.” I’m guessing he’s thinking about, you know, Muslims. Of course.

Anyway, the Daily Show decided to go to a Trump rally and talk to some of the Donald’s extreme supporters, and sound them out on how they exemplify American Values.

I think you’ll find the results… well, if you like irony, they are gut-splittingly funny (and if he becomes President, they are scary as hell).

Like this exchange:

Trump supporter: “It’s important to respect everyone’s religion.”

“Do you respect Christianity?”






Yep, tolerance for the win.

And then there’s the guy that insists “those countries” don’t treat women with respect, not like America. And totally fails to see the irony that he is wearing a shirt that says “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica”. Complete with pictures.

And as a Jew, I really have to appreciate the guy who pointed out one simple test of what makes for a real American:

“He forgot one thing, just make them eat some bacon.”



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