Bill Moyers – We the Plutocrats vs We the People

  • Published on September 15th, 2016

By Meteor Blades

Sometimes, an excerpt—even a long one —simply doesn’t do justice to an essay.

we the people by rick barry of broken shadeSince that is the case with Bill Moyers’ piece “We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People—Saving the Soul of Democracy,” first published by TomDispatch, I’m only providing the link along with his ending paragraph.

I know some of you may click that link and upon seeing where I have sent you immediately will think tl;dr (“Too Long, Don’t Read”). I urge you to reconsider. Here’s how Moyers concludes:

The religion of inequality—of money and power—has failed us; its gods are false gods.  There is something more essential—more profound—in the American experience than the hyena’s appetite.  Once we recognize and nurture this, once we honor it, we can reboot democracy and get on with the work of liberating the country we carry in our hearts.

(Originally appeared at DailyKos)

About the Author

Meteor Blades is a writer and contributing editor at DailyKos. He believes there is something profoundly wrong with our system. - the unchecked accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of a very small group of corporate business interests has contributed to the wholesale corruption of our political system. For an understanding about the level of corruption in our country, he encourages you to view these two PBS documentaries: (1). ,The Untouchables; (2) The United States of ALEC.