EPA will go after SOME polluters – diesel emission fraud perpetrators

  • Published on July 15th, 2017

EPA head Scott Pruitt says his agency will continue to “very aggressively” pursue action against auto manufacturers who faked their diesel emissions tests.

By James Ayre

“What VW did was very, very troublesome and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Pruitt told Reuters. He also noted that aggressive actions were needed in order to deter future fraud: “Look at VW, and Fiat — you have this Fiat case that is on the horizon as well. The emails and the communications that I’m aware of — it was strategic and intentional and should be dealt with very aggressively.”

Asked about the Obama Administration’s actions on the Volkswagen diesel emissions cheating scandal, Pruitt stated: “I wouldn’t call what was done too light at all.”

Reuters provides a bit more:

“Reuters reported in May the Justice Department and EPA obtained internal Fiat emails and other documents written in Italian that look at engine development and emissions issues and that raise significant questions. The Justice Department suit in May named Fiat Chrysler’s unit VM Motori SpA, which designed the engine in question.

“Fiat Chrysler Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne said in June the automaker has been working with EPA for months and ‘is confident of the fact that there was no intention on our part to set up a defeat device that was even remotely similar to what (Volkswagen) had in their cars.’”

Pruitt also said the EPA is not currently reviewing California’s waiver under the Clean Air Act to set its own vehicle emissions rules.

“We’ve reached out to the California governor as part of our CAFE midterm review in 2018. I’m hopeful that the state of California, the governor there, will respond with reciprocity and we are working through that process,” Pruitt stated.

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